Yama – 7 – Devenir Spectateur -

When the lights came back, I didn’t want to leave. During four days I had been one with the theater, the setting and the dance. The dark and velvety black, the warm and moving lights lined my nest.At the end of the fours rehearsal days on stage, where Noa and Rina built scenes, associated lights, adjusted transitions, edited, cut, and reorganized the play, a sort of truth came out, whose magic we will see on stage from February 4th.The task seemed, at first, insurmountable, the setting was a monster to be tamed, to make it dance with the stage, the lights, the dancers. Rina and Noa were following a thread I didn’t always saw, novice as I am. More…

Yama 5 – May our lights reawaken -

Right before the end of the pagan year, I returned to Israel, on the path of what is to be. We went back on stage. Since the end of November, the cubes have been built, their dresses were missing, we have invented some, for the stage to inform us. The tribal and dark costumes underline this life moment the dancers are about to perform. It is not yet fixed.

The Christian year, bloodily started and ended, will not dictate the mood of the piece. At night, the stars are awake. More…

Yama – 4 – What is possible -

I come back from Israel where we had our first rehearsal on stage. For the sake of the show’s magic, I won’t tell you (yet) the world we are building, but I will share the magic of creation. How an idea, a drawing, combined intuitions and a lot of trust, led us.
I won’t come back to the doubts, only on the infinite guiding little voices. The fleeting images emerging from long conversations with Noa and her sister and co-choregraph, Rina, the pages of my notebook recording their translation in ideas. Those pages we turn back when the ideas come back again and again without being eliminated. Last week when I arrived at the village, all the settings I had imagined where still considered, everything was possible, nothing certain. More…

Yama – 3 – From doubts to creation -

In my last post I have left you, I know, in doubt. You wondered about my spirit, sure that the story I was telling could only have a happy ending. You were wrong and you were right.
Wrong because, as I was writing to you, I had already recognized on my way all those people, those hands, I usually don’t see, don’t grab, fearing to lose myself. This very new path, the staging one, is the collaboration and a sharing one. Being helped is no more to disappear. Muriel, Alexi, JeanF, Cathy, Tisa, Camille and all these who since months lent me their knowledge, their words, their time, and all of you who give me back your love, are making of this project a story of life and wisdom. As I was writing to you last time, doubt had already created in me new welcoming spaces. More…

Yama – 2 – Tensions and abandonment -

I left, vaillant and flickering, warrior and anxious, full of who I think I am (an artist), empty of what I can. After a summer of paralyzing doubts, where each idea smashed against the wall of possibles, I finally presented to Noa a project we were working on. Made out of moving red gauzes, I was coming to Israel to confront the project to the stage and and the danse reality.

It was a destination of abandon. Abandon from the known and abandon to the unknown. The gauzes haven’t subjugated the stage, their layers giving complexity to what was supposed to be simplified. Rina, Noa’s choreographic interpreter and sister, was asking me to create a frame for the dancers. I didn’t understand. More…

Yama – 1 – Seeding utopias -

Here I am again, full of this silent summer months boiling, ready for the harvest and sharing. The spring seedings have germinated. I am about to go back on the dancing soils. Noa have asked me to create the setting of her new piece : Yama.It is about symbolic waters : feminine and masculine, all matters that question me since a long time. However this request put me out of focus. Unreadable and indelible lines, has been written within me, splitting the times, where I thought I was and where I am going, what I believe of who I am, unable to catch the before and the after, the top and the bottom, the real and the rest. More…

Vertigo – 8 – 12th day and a little bit after -

Friday May 29th 1:00 in the morning.
The night is slowly soothing, the philosophers succeeded one another in time and space, from lectures to individual. The french institute media library as been my shelter, the nest the listeners’s. In the time of a round danse, between two conferences, in lines, quietly they waited for their turn. Merav, Noa, Tali et Rina danced in silence under the threads and the shadows, others tripped over them. The inner blindness of some, made the branches invisible, others ignored them, or fiercely got mixed up. There was also the dreams, mediations and a few snoring. Each one created its singular experience, the questions emerged from the depths or the music for those for whom the words didn’t call back anything familiar. More…

Vertigo – 7 – Day 9, 10 and 11 -

Monday May 25th 8:03. The pressure is increasing, my dreams have a taste of uncompleted, restless crowds in front sprouts of pieces of art. I wake up in the emergency of what remains in my hands before the installation, tomorrow at the french institute in Tel Aviv. There are numerous hazards, the branches shall accept to be wrapped, unwrapped, de-tied, retied, the threads freed from their small cellophane envelops, the real nest to be created where it will shelter the listeners. A branch will improvise itself tree of words, it will carry 8 of them, it will have to find where to put down roots. i will have, too, to find a place to write this journal, that will welcome it and show it at hits advantage. There will be new people who to talk to, places to tam, and get organized. I will get out the cocoon, chrysalis not yet butterfly. i inhale, I exhale, I let the time get into me to start this new day. 

IMG 3351Tuesday May 26th 15:09. I started the day upside down, in the diary. I could have whirl, or write in mirror, in stairs, with curls or even in red, but I preferred turn over the note book and try to reach the other side, the one of the already passed days, protected in the Vertigo eco-village. It is strange to notice how fast I make my nest, or is it the change that gives the known appearance of a cocoon ? Precisely since this morning, in Tel Aviv, at the French institute, I try to create one for the listener of the sound “A ma mere” to meditate under. Those who don’t speak french will will be dive in their unknown, the others in the echo. Quietly the branches have find their place on the bookcase, on one side the one tied in white behind which books don’t give themselves but have to be earned. On the other side the armchairs under branches tied with red threads. It will be ready on Thursday from 6pm. Now my words joined those from the previous days, I am in a danse which would talk about oceans, lines against lines like this re-creation of what was in germ in the studio. A big movement. More…

Vertigo – 6 – Day 7 and 8 -

Saturday May 23rd 8:53. Here everything is quiet. I usually own the place, I am almost the only one to work in this henhouse converted in a workshop. There is Danny and his children who builded and are maintaining the village and Orit the cook, preparing food for the people who came for the chavouot festival (commemoration of the gift of the Torah to Moise). I say that everything is quiet because there is no more noise than usually when there are tents standing everywhere and a lot of children.

Image du 23 mai


Vertigo – 5 – Day 6 -

IMG 2982

Friday May 22nd 9:00. This morning when I woke up, I thought to the links betweens my work and the country where I am, I realized I never mention the places where I create fro when, in general, they obviously influence my creation, would it be because I am in the confort of my homy studio, or emptiness, I choose each week in the Annemasse studio, the jeopardy I put myself in creating in Thailand, the encounters in New York, land of my first geographical exil or now, here in Israel, promised land. More…

Vertigo – 4 – Day 4 and 5 -

Wednesday May 20th 8:40, And there was evening, and there was morning – the fourth day. And God said, “Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky.”. To live within oneself and outside, to be fruitful and increase. My inner images, my necessities, my fear, the outer realities, what remains to be done, what will not. How to let go the unknown for it to happen ? While I tame my room, while the blue belly birds, the ones with yellow beak, the donkeys and all the red ants wish me good morning, while today, a light breeze pats me, I try to find myself. Inhale, exhale, accept. Be here, within me, and here with them. I am worried not to be able to create a sculpture definitive and ephemeral for a futur almost immediate and certain, and at the same time to let arise the meaning of the path we might wander together. Would it be ungratefulness : how to give without counting, to make sure the shares are fair. Already, not naming all those allowing me to be in this moment, I feel dishonest, but I have chosen to share with you those lines, almost at the same time as I write them, and it couldn’t interfere. Remain free and included. Prosper under waters and high in the sky.

IMG 4029 IMG 1410 More…

Vertigo – 3 – Journal day 2 and 3 -

Monday May 18th 18:17, the relief of a first day completed, a semblance of routine not to totally slide, some landmarks, the table from witch I write those lines, the branches grabbed and placed on a closet to figurate the french institut bookcase. The abandonned branches, the fading leaves. The feathers refusing to be assembled with wire. The impossibility to fit such a big tree in a small car, the nest that might not be one. But it must be. As Noa’s step danse are created, in silence, budding choreography, glare of our common worlds. A necessity called by an intuition, little stones thrown here and there and a meaning, a context emerge, she adorns with music, I with words. She is part of my own kind.

IMG 2850 rcdre IMG 2943 More…

Vertigo – 2 – Journal day 1 -

Sunday May 17th from memory: I woke up over the sea, comforted by what was earned ans maybe not deserved, surrounded, loved maybe, questioning what the moment was made of, a normality, a minute after an other , ce qui when each moment seems to be a définitive truth. Then, I dropped the one I love, for them to go home and I left seeking for myself. Welcomed by those I don’t know yet. Tenderly, gently not to rush what will be, we started to danse around who we were, each of us covering part of the distance of what will be. I was here and elsewhere, in all the elsewhere. My head beating me, the sky where I sent them before they land, the sea was not art of it, fields, vineyards, vestiges of history. AT night I collapsed, awaken by dreams I don’t remember and mosquitos that left some traces.I finally got up, the room was familiar and hostile, I had to find one within myself. G I got up and here I am at the start of an adventure that improves myself.

IMG 4003 More…

Our quests -

ExpoJoyce 2015 selection 1 recadre ExpoJoyce 2015 Fils 1 recadre
Passover/Easter is the time for the quest of our promised land. I take this opportunity to share with you some images and thoughts I had preparing the “Cris et Féminité(s)” exhibition. More…

Invisible Dog – 11 – Au revoir -

Passage reel sur noir eclaire detail 2 3

(Sorry, this article is for now only available in French)
Après que la lune, comme dernier clin d’oeil à ce parcours qui nous a uni, ai caché le soleil, je suis rentrée sur terre. J’ai remis dans mes cartons, dessins, plans et comètes, mais pas mes rêves. Je me souviendrais de ce qui a été. Vous aurez été les témoins de mes projections, d’une forme de réalité du présent et du souvenir. Ce qui s’en construira à partir de là existe déjà. Le chemin s’est dévoilé, s’il semble circulaire, ce n’est qu’illusion. Le début n’est pas très loin de la fin, mais peut-on pour autant dire que rien de change ? More…

Invisible Dog – 10 – Presentation, eclipse solaire -

JR presentation video Lune 1
(Sorry, this article is for now only available in French)
Mercredi dernier, Anne, Remy (depuis New Dehli) et moi avons temporairement arrêté le temps. De 17:31 à 21:37, nous avons concentré 28 jours écoulés et un à venir en présentant notre travail. L’espace de travail et de partage de l’Invisible Dog s’est changé en zone spatiale. Le temps d’une soirée, une centaine de visiteurs sont venus décrocher la lune avec nous. La somme de nos recherches et de nos rêves, les amorces de ce qui viendra et que nous ne connaissons pas encore et l’énergie et la curiosité visiteurs nous ont portés loin de Brooklyn.  More…

Invisible Dog – 8 – Pleine lune, eclipse de lune -

(Sorry, this article is for now only available in French)
Il semblerait que l’alignement des étoiles, la conjonction des astres de ces derniers jours, de ces dernières semaines, nous aient poussés à penser à la façon dont nos vies devaient s’infléchir, comment nous devions nous réfléchir. La pleine lune, comme à son habitude, a précipité des départs, pour laisser la place aux nouveau-nés. L’éclipse qui l’accompagnait a ajouté à la confusion des émotions, exacerbant ma perception du temps. Je m’interroge sur la façon dont nous surpassons nos épreuves, sont-elles inscrites dans nos chemins, les provoque-t-on ? Les fractures de vie que nous avons déjà vécues, sont elles des ponts pour dépasser les prochaines ? C’est cette expérience des cycles et des passages que j’explore au travers de deux oeuvres que je vous ai montrées, l’une achevée, l’autre en cours, sans vous en donner les clés. More…

Invisible dog – 7 – Premier quartier -

20141001 quart de lune NY 1
(Sorry, this article is for now only available in French)
Doucement, tranquillement le soleil se reflète sur l’astre miroir et dévoile sa présence rassurante. Comme la plante lentement émerge du sol, je sors du noir. Petit à petit se déploient les idées germées dans la première période rendant tangible sa matérialité. Dans la période précédente, la vie et la mort étaient intimement imbriquées, dans l’obscurité comment savoir ce qui commence et ce qui finit ? Le premier quartier de lune remet de l’ordre et, comme l’étoile, indique au berger sa direction. More…

Invisible Dog – 6 – Nouvelle lune -

Livre de la lune p13 5

(Sorry, this article is for now only available in French)
Nous voilà entrés dans ce nouveau cycle, cette nouvelle lune. Début de l’année juive, symbole de la création du monde, équinoxe d’automne, Lune noire, porteuse des possibles, gestation pour les uns, occultation de la présence divine et domination de l’attribut de rigueur pour d’autres. Que reflète-t-elle de nous?
C’est avec ces questions que commence ce projet, “décrocher la lune” qui me rapproche de vous et m’éloigne de tout. Je défriche. More…

Invisible Dog – 4 – Projet Lune -

IMG 6796
(Sorry, this article is for now only available in French)

Anne et Moi allons décrocher la lune.

De ce ballet que j’évoquais la semaine dernière est né “Décrocher la lune”. Un projet dont vous recevrez l’annonce mercredi jour de la nouvelle lune. Une invitation à participer au processus et à venir en voir le résultat.
C’est une mise en abîme pour parler du féminin dans l’humain, pour explorer le risque du lâcher prise, pour partager avec vous. Regarder autrement.
Vous l’aurez sans doute senti, depuis que nous avons decider d’aborder ce chemin, tout est prétexte à se mettre en route. Ainsi, lors d’un court séjour à Mexico j’ai été me lover au centre de la terre pour me connecter avec moi même. Dans un Temaxcal, 28 pierres brulantes, de l’eau d’herbes médicinales m’ont ouverte les 4 portes essentielles, celles de la terre, de l’eau, du feu, et du vent. More…

Invisible dog : intensite invisible -

IMG 6587

(Sorry, this article is for now only available in French)
Il y a des moments qui affichent leur intensité en livrant leur lot de réalisations : un départ, une arrivée, des découvertes de lieux nouveaux, des pistes vers de nouvelles œuvres, d’autres vers notre collaboration à Anne et moi. Et il y en a d’autre parce qu’ils sont connus, familiers, lents, laborieux, hésitants, parce qu’ils ne donnent rien de tangibles, paraissent vide.
C’est un leurre. More…

L’invisible Dog est une ruche -

Fil de pensee 1 en cours detail 18
(Sorry, this article is for now only available in French)
L’air ici est différent, intense, il balaye fermement les doutes et ceux qui les ont.
J’ai commencé lundi denier à travailler à l’Invisible Dog me mouvant entre mes recherches personnelles, la collaboration avec Anne et la découverte de ce lieu incroyable qu’est l’Invisible Dog.
Jusque dans les années 90, l’immeuble était une fabrique de ceintures. Les laisses pour chiens invisibles en avaient assuré un temps le succès. En 2009 l’espace est repris pour promouvoir l’art sous toutes ses formes. C’est un espace de création et d’exposition. More…

Invisible Dog- jour 0 – Interprétation de rêves -

Livre reve 2 page00-3Livre de rêve 2 - pages 9 et 10

Pour mémoire Livre des Rêves 4 la 1ère interprétation

Alors que je m’installe doucement dans cette ville intranquille, que je cherche inquiète, mes marques et mon chemin, que je me résous à accueillir ce qui se présentera, je reviens avec vous sur un incident qui l’automne dernier m’avait laissée en questions et dont certaines réponses ce sont offertes en présage de ce voyage.
Lors de l’exposition Passages à l’âme, le 4ème livre de rêves, le livre des ombres, celles qui nous précèdent et nous annoncent, a été noyé dans du vin, célébré, effacé. Je l’ai consciencieusement oublié.
Mais en juillet, le totem est tombé sur un coup de vent, presque un coup de tête. More…