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Openning June 21st from 18:30 to 20:30
Jardin Botanique Alpin , chemin du jardin Alpin7, 1217 Meyrin Switzerland. (MAP)
Tram 14+18 & bus 57 ▪ stop Jardin-Alpin-Vivarium Tram 18 ▪ stop Bois-du-Lan)

We will be Wednesday June 21st, in a small botanical garden that one could wrongly believe there isn’t much to it. It is an enclosed garden by high and low roads, by car noises, by external sights. Sights vanishing towards remote destinations, from north to south and from south to north, from east to west, taken by the trams or by personal  vehicle, by the disregard to this trees gathered and tastefully and lovingly maintain. It is one of those garden, my childhood memory retains as a vastness to conquer, but that an adulthood visit reduces to the size of the child within me.

There are trees whose branches hits the floor, others whose top bites the sky, the solitary ones without vegetation to make them rugs and the ones in herds.  There are the invisible trees and there are the one’s whose colors attract even in winter. There is the water stagnating in ponds, and the water running  in rivulets, there those leaving in it, inside, above, outside and around.

We are five artists including two collectifs to be invited by the  Fond d’art Contemporain de Meyrin, to reflect on "Nests, burrows and other shelters" for the Jardin Alpin, Meyrin’s botanical garden.

The bird, the squirrel, the garden's inhabitant will be indifferent to any human intervention, trying to figure a nest, a burrow or even a shelter. At most will they take advantage from the new and curious elements to create their own.

It is therefore on the human point of view that I question the nests, burrows or shelters's meaning.

The nest, I guess I have already answered, but I could add that is is a place of the illusory rest, it is in front or behind me, it defines itself by the necessity to be departed.

The burrow, would be a place of expectation, the cocoon without the protective aspect. It allows to pass seasons in torpor and forgiveness. The burrow secludes those who took shelter in it, creating a world of its own.

As the other places of the project, the shelter can only be temporary, but it says the dangers those who are protected by it are escaping from. To be sheltered from the rain, sheltered from the danger, sheltered from love, to be sheltered and escaping the real world.

What is the real ? Does an umbrella protect from the real, is a house a shelter. Can a fleeing man, on his run find a nest ?

This is what I offer you to discover from June 21st from 18:30 to 20.30 and until October 29th 2017

Please find enclose the invitation.

Be sheltered within your heart

[caption id="attachment_8010" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Nids, terriers et autres refuges|Jardin Botanique Alpin, Fond Art Contemporain ville de Meyrin|2017[/caption]
Published the 16/06/2017

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