I was just writing to you to announce that I have been invited to do a work on peace by Barbara Polla, the fabulous gallery owner, writer and essayist, as part of the 6th Forever Books and to invite you to the presentation which will take place Wednesday October 11, 2023 from 5 to 9 p.m. in collaboration with Héros-Limite editions at Analix Forever.

Published the 07/10/2023

Man is a chapel he never visits. In the chaos of time he aims to conquer, He constantly forgets his sacred strength. And so, he scatters it in harmful fires.

Published the 12/07/2023

I have been invited by Tila Rudel, to create an installation for the night of philosophy on May 20th, 2022 at the Timisoara French Institute in Romania.

In the frost of February I went there and projected myself on the stretched shade of the trees on this small plot within the confines of the French Institute.

Published the 10/05/2022

One could wonder what urgency there is to remember, to summon memory, but sometimes the past is combined with the present, history is falsified and the world fractures.

Published the 05/03/2022

I set the scene to then let my thoughts wander in my next letters.

Geography of memory is the name of a piece of furniture, made of antic boxes and drawer, assembled in a heterogeneous construction to contain artworks-traces. Created in New York in 2016 for Call In, it represented the past in the beautiful raw space of the Chimney NYC.

A cocoon, a wooden family tree in the making, had been wrapped on the spot, in glass with Andrew Erdos and hung 6 meters from the ground in the center of the gallery, it was the place of gestation. The future was a projection of the video Renommée 2 on the ceiling just above the exit door.

Published the 25/02/2022
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