Do not forget the winter that I presented in Timisoara, sent back the reflections of the sky, of your gazes, and of reflections that I did not expect. It was About grace, dreams but also fears. Fears of men in balance. One felt endangered by the floods of creeping light, by the sky as if fallen on the floor of my traces, which made him think of a skeleton. For another, the mirrors sent him back to the mercury of Terminator, it seemed to him that an evil creature was about to be born from the luminous shadows. Or finally this one who had not even been able to go to the installation, the video Une vie soir, having paralyzed him, why on earth did these feet have to trample in endless blood ?

Published the 01/07/2022

I have been invited by Tila Rudel, to create an installation for the night of philosophy on May 20th, 2022 at the Timisoara French Institute in Romania.

In the frost of February I went there and projected myself on the stretched shade of the trees on this small plot within the confines of the French Institute.

Published the 10/05/2022

One could wonder what urgency there is to remember, to summon memory, but sometimes the past is combined with the present, history is falsified and the world fractures.

Published the 05/03/2022