In the emergency of the Bardo museum exhibition preparation, April 14th, Tunis, Tunisie,  I send you the images of the Veiled Charfia that will remain in Kerkennah.

Published the 07/04/2017

I wondered what I should be sharing with you, for this last email about Yama.

Published the 02/03/2016

When the lights came back, I didn’t want to leave.

Published the 28/01/2016

I would be delighted to share with you the world premiere of Yama, February 4th and 5th at Susanne Dellal Dance centre for dance and theatre.

Published the 25/01/2016

I come back from Israel where we had our first rehearsal on stage.

Published the 01/12/2015

In my last post I have left you, I know, in doubt.

Published the 16/11/2015
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