“Temps,” the French word for Time, is always written in plural, even though it can only be singular.

Published the 12/05/2018

Nest of a nest.

Published the 01/02/2017

What is this fragile and subtile place where we shelter to give birth and nurse.

Published the 12/01/2017

Coming out from the cocoon I created for myself in the Chimney, New York adventure, 
before finding its limits, I have been shoot out in a new dimension of my path, within my tale itself.

Published the 08/01/2017

(Sorry, this article is for now only available in French)
Voilà deux artistes qui vont sur le chemin de la conscience et que le calendrier met à l'honneur cette semaine.

Published the 11/01/2011

Published the 19/06/2010