One could wonder what urgency there is to remember, to summon memory, but sometimes the past is combined with the present, history is falsified and the world fractures.

Published the 05/03/2022

What is more volatile than the present?

At the end of our breath, in the word that is preparing to cross our lips, it is still the future.

Published the 14/06/2018

The unveiling of the times is today, I will welcome you today, Thursday, May 17th, 2018: First at Arrêt Sur l’Image Gallery at 4:00PM, followed by the Musée des Arts Decoratives de Bordeaux (madd-bordeaux) at 5:30PM.

Published the 17/05/2018
It would be a text about a land who welcomed and allowed me to unveil its essence.
Published the 10/04/2018
I will be soon in Bordeaux.
Published the 14/02/2018

I wanted to share with you this story, “The absence in our paces“, created for the Tunisian Venice Art Biennial Pavilion, which theme was « The absence of path ».

Published the 19/01/2018
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