Matza | 5 | Bardo Museum exhibition until May 7th 2017

The Bardo exhibition successfully opened Friday. We presented the result of our reflections about the Kerkennah Islands. I am now back to Geneva and it is time for me to introduce you to my friends and colleague artists, whom have their personal interpretation of the island, its assets, its challenges. The richness and the complexity of our exploratory field is reflected in the ensemble.
It is a story that will be tell. It is about round trips, tides, fishing, migrants and also dreamed land.

With humor, Tom Bogaert, Belgium artist, , presents the kerkennian little fishes with bright eyes. Karim Ben Amor, Tunisian architect and artist, stretched a trawling net in the space, this nets that scratch the shoal, jeopardizing the fragile ecosystem.  Severin Guelpa, Matza founder, revisits the very specific charfia’s creels, transforming them in  echo chamber to the island crafts-men’s secular gesture.Wissem El Abed, Tunisian artist  seeks for the youngster in abandoned school and builds a rudder out of benches piled on their ruins. Mouna Karray, Tunisian photographer,  met with the Kerkennian inhabitants and scientists in a survey about the blue crab also called   by the fishermen DAESCH for the local fishing vandalizing  occurred by this animal. Maxime Bondu, French artist ,  painted this same crab on a arbor house, in an act of anticipation of acceptance by the local population. Moufida Fedhila Tunisian artist and director shoots a young man pulling a felucca on a dry salted lake, questioning departure and return. Sabine Zaalen Swiss artist uses cuttlefish ink in a triptych, between symbol, tradition and believes.

As for me I have circled the space with a blue horizon line, softly marked, essentially suggested, and I placed a Kerkennian tree in the center. It represents ourselves. I wonder if it is not the world that gently crosses over us. But  I will come back to you about this.

Lets ourselves be crossed by the world.


Jusqu’au 7 mai 2017 au Musée du Bardo.


Published the 17/04/2017

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