Man is a chapel he never visits. In the chaos of time he aims to conquer, He constantly forgets his sacred strength. And so, he scatters it in harmful fires.

Published the 12/07/2023

I wanted to share with you this story, “The absence in our paces“, created for the Tunisian Venice Art Biennial Pavilion, which theme was « The absence of path ».

Published the 19/01/2018

Openning June 21st from 18:30 to 20:30
Jardin Botanique Alpin , chemin du jardin Alpin7, 1217 Meyrin Switzerland.

Published the 16/06/2017

The world is a whole, it is reflected within us and mirrors back what inhabits us, the light and the shadows.

Published the 04/04/2016

When the lights came back, I didn’t want to leave.

Published the 28/01/2016
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