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What is more volatile than the present?

At the end of our breath, in the word that is preparing to cross our lips, it is still the future. The inhale after the exhale, the exhale after the inhale, the future again. The word before, the sentence before the previous inhale, already the past. The click of the camera immortalizes what happens. The lived experience is, however, eternity.

At l’Arrêt sur l'Image Gallery, the present materializes in a random moment between what is seen and what does not appear yet, or has already disappeared. Put together presence and absence, love and hatred, and all opposites complement each other. The present as the sum of the past and the future.

Raw Saps-Présent is one drawing, made up of 180, 50 x 65 cm drawings, linking the white of absence and the red of life. It is an endless composition, all sides are connected in an infinite loop. It assembles and recomposes itself into fragments, in one piece, or individually. The living in its totality, united by invisible threads, unconscious of its dimension.

Simply installed on the floor of the gallery, Present is experienced by passing in walkways, as one would visit a garden.

The fragments of the past are fossilised in the courtyard of the musée des Arts Décoratifs et du Design de Bordeaux. The vision of the future, which was captured at Château Palmer, is revived in the back room of l’Arrêt sur l'Image Gallery; in the middle, in the darkness, a white box on which are projected two videos, both abstract in appearance. The distracted and hurried visitor may miss the omens of the future because he must approach and cross these projections to access the eyepieces and secrets of what will be. In the box, a reconstruction of our interior, a dreamlike vision of what is coming is shown. The beat under the vines, the joyous and unconscious step of our crossing of life, the drawing that slowly reveals itself and disappears on our plots of existence.

After this inner experience, returning on their steps, the visitor sees on the shelves bordering the room of the future, the afterimages. Two additional drawings sum up the entire experience, one looks blank, the other loaded with pigments. They are ying and yang, all and nothing. The link between present and future. Their symbolic character makes them worthy of being framed.

Alongside, small images: some fixed, other animated, say that present, past and future are intimately related and available to our conscience. Rich with this experience, the visitor will return to the present, their own.

Wednesday June 20th 2018: From 6:30 pm, I will be at Arrêt sur l’image Gallery for an informal encounter.

Arrêt sur l'image galerie  from May 17th to July 13th 2018 | Present and the représentation of the future | 45 cours du Médoc, 33000 Bordeaux.
Musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design (madd-bordeaux) May 17th to September 17th 2018 | Past | 39 rue Bouffard, 33300 Bordeaux
Chateau Palmer | ephemeral installation on the future | already past | 33460 Margaux

Sèves Brutes | Présent | Arrêt sur l'Image

Sèves Brutes | Passé | madd_bordeaux

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Published the 14/06/2018

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