Raw Saps |2| The deep fragility of what is to come

It would be a text about a land who welcomed and allowed me to unveil its essence. I came with iron oxide and glass silicate as well as my fellow partners Jean-Francois, Elad, Marie, Federica, Sally and Momo to draw the underlying life of Bordeaux's land. The project seemed right and all the Men subscribed to it. But I didn’t ask the land, and I felt  an apprehension I couldn’t define. The women perceived it as well, and I was petrified, questioning the whole project, when we were already in the vineyard.

I began this adventure on what runs through us, with this part of the time that comes right after the present. Not the one close to our desires, nor the one our resignations fear, but by this instant that immediately follows,  exhalation after inhalation, the waves taping the sand and retreating to the end of the sea, the slow movement of the world. I didn’t intend foreseeing, only revealing the moment to come. Yet I came with an idea of the future that was more an order than about acceptance, an imperious desire more than the confidence in what is to come.

It is in a dream, questioning the fears and the certainties, that I finally turned to the earth to seek its consent. She offered me  fragility in return. The soil let us discern its little vessels,  remanence of nurturing rushes, gladly making me responsible for transposing the veins, the flows and the waves. 

And it is what I an drawing now, in words and silences, videos and drawings. The images and the lines that are born from the raw saps ink tell a story in the making. It will only be readable when stepping back from the lands and the time that arise from it. The moment will come when what is to come will happen, in its own time, its own pace, inexorably.
And it will solidify in memory, in dazzling light which persistency will blur what once was. This future is far away, it is almost a tale. On my end, I invite you to Bordeaux on the 17th of May 2018, to discover the three phases of Raw Saps.


Published the 10/04/2018