Words -

Worlds, when not gathered in poems, are useless. It is not that I haven’t thought, shaped or draws words, but they haven’t gone from my senses to my heart, neither from my mind to my soul and then, weren’t worth to be shared.

The time, I thought, was making a mockery of the spiritual, with abuse of use and manipulation. I put all my words away until they regenerate.

Above all, I was rebuilding, literally and figuratively, my childhood cave: My imagination shelter, where it materializes in a silence, innocent of the world rumors and History. The lair of withdrawal, but also of encounters and inner journey that continue in reality, I, consequently, traveled. From those multiples retreat, I have sent you virtual and silent postcards, to be sure I wasn’t forgetting you and was not forgotten either. More…

Sèves Brutes | 3 | Present -

What is more volatile than the present?

At the end of our breath, in the word that is preparing to cross our lips, it is still the future. The inhale after the exhale, the exhale after the inhale, the future again. The word before, the sentence before the previous inhale, already the past. The click of the camera immortalizes what happens. The lived experience is, however, eternity.

At l’Arrêt sur l’Image Gallery, the present materializes in a random moment between what is seen and what does not appear yet, or has already disappeared. Put together presence and absence, love and hatred, and all opposites complement each other. The present as the sum of the past and the future.


Sèves Brutes | Tonight | Past Present Future -

The unveiling of the times is today, I will welcome you today, Thursday, May 17th, 2018: First at Arrêt Sur l’Image Gallery at 4:00PM, followed by the Musée des Arts Decoratives de Bordeaux (madd-bordeaux) at 5:30PM.

My faithful team who accompany me on my adventures will join me, as well as Marie Secret who organized the exhibition, rodach_webstie Lamire Favre, founder of Arrêt Sur l’Image Gallery, Constance Rubini, director of madd-bordeaux, and Annabelle Grellier, director of communication of Chateau Palmer.

Raw Saps | Save the date -

How long lasts the present, when does the future become the past, and what does the past say about what is to come.
The land art installation at Château Palmer, has long ago vanished, and the images that will recount and imagine the future have not yet come together. The past, large lava/glass flow has not surfaced yet. The giant drawing, composed of 180 smaller drawings, has completed the representation of the present.


Raw Saps |2| The deep fragility of what is to come -

It would be a text about a land who welcomed and allowed me to unveil its essence. I came with iron oxide and glass silicate as well as my fellow partners Jean-Francois, Elad, Marie, Federica, Sally and Momo to draw the underlying life of Bordeaux’s land. The project seemed right and all the Men subscribed to it. But I didn’t ask the land, and I felt  an apprehension I couldn’t define. The women perceived it as well, and I was petrified, questioning the whole project, when we were already in the vineyard.


Sèves Brutes |1| Shadow and light -

I will be soon in Bordeaux. I intended to explore the now, the past and the future, to, I believed, look at what we are crossed by, blood, water, spirituality, our lives. But it could be the reverse.

From the past, remains the traces, the imprints. The now is to be lived. We will, by May, come back to those tenses. I first want to address the future, the one I will attempt to capture in the Chateau Palmer vineyards, next week.


The absence in our paces -

I wanted to share with you this story, “The absence in our paces“, created for the Tunisian Venice Art Biennial Pavilion, which theme was « The absence of path ».

While the Biennial closed its doors, while the year ended to start again and the paths has begin to emerge, reading the texts I wrote struck me, they fit so much with what is to come.


Nests, burrows and other shelters 2 | the weight of words -

I drew out the silence.

I was not running out of subject to share with you, as my “L’Absence en nos pas” contribution to the Tunisian Pavilion at the Venice Art Biennial. But I save it for another time.

I went, I believe, into the ark, like in meditation/gestation. I have been the dove, Noah reinstated in the ark, after she failed finding the land he had sent her look for. (Genesis 8-9).

In Hebrew Teva means ark as well as word. In the  Baal Chem Tov comments of the Deluge, quoted by par Marc-Alain Ouaknin in Tsimtsoum, men and women had perverted  the use of language. The loss of its plural dimension engendered the violence of a frozen language, like stagnant water rots. God decided to flood the earth, and to engender a new humanity.  Noah was tasked with the making of a ship , with defined sizes, creating a word/ark in which to penetrate to get back to its genuine dimensions and profundity.

Nests, Burrows and other shelters 1 |Invitation -

Openning June 21st from 18:30 to 20:30
Jardin Botanique Alpin , chemin du jardin Alpin7, 1217 Meyrin Switzerland. (MAP)
Tram 14+18 & bus 57 ▪ stop Jardin-Alpin-Vivarium Tram 18 ▪ stop Bois-du-Lan)

We will be Wednesday June 21st, in a small botanical garden that one could wrongly believe there isn’t much to it. It is an enclosed garden by high and low roads, by car noises, by external sights. Sights vanishing towards remote destinations, from north to south and from south to north, from east to west, taken by the trams or by personal  vehicle, by the disregard to this trees gathered and tastefully and lovingly maintain. It is one of those garden, my childhood memory retains as a vastness to conquer, but that an adulthood visit reduces to the size of the child within me.


Matza | 4| Veiled Charfia -

In the emergency of the Bardo museum exhibition preparation, April 14th, Tunis, Tunisie,  I send you the images of the Veiled Charfia that will remain in Kerkennah. I will only bring back the images, as I didn’t get to meet with the women of the island that the men praise with compliment and cover them with veil.


Matza | 3 | Vanishing point -

I turn around a line encircling the world and bearing all the fantasy of liberty, always further. A line between sky and earth, between sky and sea, called horizon but when touching the mountains. A line of mysticism, dream and mistakes.
A gathering of separation points, up, down, here, over there. Over there obviously more beautiful. 
Freedom is beyond this line, vertically and horizontally. Is it a junction point ?


Matza | 2 | Return from exile to common land -

Matza is named after the Mazze, a XVth century tradition, democracy participatory forbear.  In the Haut-Valais in Switzerland, protesters unearthed a tree, put it upside down and went from village to village to set out their disagreement. Those who who were convinced hammered a nail in the trunk. As Severin Guelpa, Matza founder, says it revealed the determination of a community to defend it self and to take charge of its own destiny.

Matza | 1 | Abandoning the known, Abandoning to the unknown -

have regularly talk to you about the unknown, the last weeks made me think about it in various ways.

Call In and Call out, building on the inside and the outside gave me the opportunity to work on two new project. The first one is organized by Severin Guelpa swiss artist who invited me to join a crew of artists, architects and sociologists to work on his ethical, human, ecologist and artistic project : Matza. During two weeks we will talk, elaborate, create in the Tunisian Kerkennah Island with the fishermans on the theme of water. The result will be exhibited in the National Bardo Museum in Tunis.
The second project is, at the invitation of the Meyrin Fond d’art contemporain, and thanks to Joseph Farine, an exhibition in the Jardin Alpin, about “Nests, burrows and other shelters”.

Call Out | To break through -

Time is flying , and I have been able to measure it thanks to the fruitfull encounters born from
Call Out. Before the Call In/Call Out chapter comes to its end, Saturday February 18th at 6pm, I would like to invite you for a drink Thursday February 16th from 6 to 8:30 pm.

We will look at what can’t be seen, listen to what we suggest, uncover hidden details, symbolic texts, quiet reflects, echos to what inhabit us and we could free together. We will create links and  also mere nothing, we will be together and this is what matters.


Call Out | To encounter |Conversation|Tuesday February 7th at 7:30| Geneva -

I take advantage of my birthday to share with you some fragments of this Call In hatching exhibition. I send you some images and “fil de pensée” tunning on the Andata Ritorno Gallery’s floor excerpts. I hope they will make you want to experiment by yourself what to be born could mean.

Before giving you those automatic thoughts, I invite you,Tuesday February 7th, to a conversation about Call Out with  Anne Ansermet, psychoanalyst and myself
We look forward seeing you at 7:30pm  37 rue du Stand 1201 Geneva in the Andata Ritorno Gallery


Call Out | Invitation -

What is this fragile and subtile place where we shelter to give birth and nurse. What are the twigs we carry to be able to let go our weapons, secrets and treasures. What is this place of our safety, imaginary projection, as well as the one of our eviction. Will we collect our own creation or will we seize someone else’s ?

Call-Out | To be born -

Coming out from the cocoon I created for myself in the Chimney, New York adventure, 
before finding its limits, I have been shoot out in a new dimension of my path, within my tale itself.

I am back in Geneva. Working on the pieces I will present to you in the Call-Out Show in Geneva, I am exploring the nests, metaphorical place of our encounters to the world. 


Call In to Call Out | liberating -

Assaf seated on a chair facing the wall, on a corner, he started to play a very quiet and somehow sad chord. I started walking around the cocoon, slowly. Assaf whistled once or twice slowly too, with a long pause in between the whistling and I started grabbing the red threads, one by one to hand them to the ceremony participants.

Call In | Invitation -

Those creations that were born within me will come to you starting Friday to celebrate our spring.

Around a glass and wood cocoon, created in parteneship with Andrew Erdos, my Corning Museum of Glass’s partner , you are invited in a journey in the time. Futur projected symbolised by the videos”renommée”.  Past, the fragmented memory, giving evidences of our previous sloughs, in decomposed and fragmented books.


Call In | Entremêler -

Stories, as well as life, are made of little trajectories that accumulate, intersect and  grow apart, superimposing and nourishing one another.

I am slowly telling you the Passage du temps story  because at the same time I am preparing a story-exhibition, that will be narrate  from November 18th in New York, from where I am writing to you.


Passages du temps 3 : les commencements -

Ne s’inscrira que la dérision du temps. Celui que l’on compte, celui auquel on se réfère. Les dates choisies par les hommes pour la création de l’univers cherchent à apprivoiser l’infini, rendre vivantes les mythologies. Emprisonner le temps en dates, c’est donner sépulture à ce que nous a précédè. Nous laisser de la place pour continuer à avancer.


Passage du temps – 2 – Adar 2 -

Over the blank page bearing the waves of my indecisiveness, my stylet remaine hanging a longtime .
Yet my hand knows its way, several time already, it draw those moments of life, stamped the paper in tiny holes. As many holes as the days in the represented lives, as many holes as the minutes in the depicted months. Yet my mind knows a scheme preexiste my intention, and  will be recorded no matter what. More…

Passage du temps – 1 -

Est-ce le moment ? Celui de partager ?  Vous raconter mes cheminements sur le temps. Tenter de répondre avec vous aux questions de son début et de sa fin. Notre époque s’emballe, avec beaucoup de vide et un peu de soleil aussi.
Alors nous arrêter ensemble pour regarder le temps, le questionner, lui demander où est notre place dans le grand système, du centre aux extrêmes, de la périphérie au plus profond du cœur.

Yama – 9 – Renewal -

The world is a whole, it is reflected within us and mirrors back what inhabits us, the light and the shadows. It has, once more, shown our dark sides. Because we have a choice, I have decided to live in a world of love and confidence.

So I will be again in Israel, April 4th, 5th and 6th, to conclude this wonderful Yama project. I will catch part of what I retain. In this choregraphy about time passing, I will, from the final, reinterpret the moral and catch it in videos. At each edgy moment of our lifes, we slough, ready for all the abandonment and all the springs. Is those pivotal times, as caterpillars in mutation, are our cocons our shrouds or our chrysalids ?


Yama – 8 – The real -

I wondered what I should be sharing with you, for this last email about Yama.

Should I tell you the premiere, the success, the enthusiasm and the anxieties, the full house, the emotion, mine and the spectator’s, the flowers on stage, the confrontation between the real and the dreamt.