N’oublie pas l’hiver 2 in the sweet month of May

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N'oublie pas l'hiver
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I write to you in a hurry, before the next news erases the memory of what has just happened.

When I started to correspond with you, almost 15 years ago, I was in Thailand, invited by Ali Salem, talented artist and founder, to create my family trees in bronze. I went there empty-handed, full of doubts. Almost every day I shared with you the state of my discoveries, the evolution of my creation and my thoughts. Immersed in the unknown, writing to you, connected me to the world, helped me through one of those winters that I live in cyclically, seasonally, to finally give birth to fruits whose gestation I am not aware of.

Do not forget the winter that I presented in Timisoara, sent back the reflections of the sky, of your gazes, and of reflections that I did not expect. It was About grace, dreams but also fears. Fears of men in balance. One felt endangered by the floods of creeping light, by the sky as if fallen on the floor of my traces, which made him think of a skeleton. For another, the mirrors sent him back to the mercury of Terminator, it seemed to him that an evil creature was about to be born from the luminous shadows. Or finally this one who had not even been able to go to the installation, the video Une vie soir, having paralyzed him, why on earth did these feet have to trample in endless blood ?

What winters carried by men reverberate in works of art?

Most of the visitors let themselves go to my waves without tumult’s poetry, they heard the water of invisible rivers there, others cried, the children tried, with their feet, to penetrate a sky finally accessible. As if they were drawing from the dark well of winter, those ones have drawn the underside of things, the one that fertilizes the present.

The shadow of February did not reconciled with that of May. The shadow of February expresses the inner crashes that well up on our surfaces. It will restore itself in its imaginary totality while traveling.

There will be the multiple reflections of the Romanian skies and those of other countries, people who will pass and be absorbed there. There is and there will be this shadow which is supposed to be darkness, emptiness and which in Timisoara multiplied what was reflected there without ever retaining anything.
There is what grows below in the sans, and what will not grow there because of too much :The artifice.

I wish you to hear your fears and to recognize them, to love you winter and summer and that we stay connected.

N'oublie pas l'hiver
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Published the 01/07/2022

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