The Bardo exhibition successfully opened Friday.

Published the 17/04/2017

In the emergency of the Bardo museum exhibition preparation, April 14th, Tunis, Tunisie,  I send you the images of the Veiled Charfia that will remain in Kerkennah.

Published the 07/04/2017
I turn around a line encircling the world and bearing all the fantasy of liberty, always further.
Published the 01/04/2017
Matza is named after the Mazze, a XVth century tradition, democracy participatory forbear.
Published the 29/03/2017

Time is flying , and I have been able to measure it thanks to the fruitfull encounters born from
Call Out.

Published the 13/02/2017

I take advantage of my birthday to share with you some fragments of this Call In hatching exhibition.

Published the 04/02/2017
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