Call-Out | To be born


Coming out from the cocoon I created for myself in the Chimney, New York adventure, 
before finding its limits, I have been shoot out in a new dimension of my path, within my tale itself.

I am back in Geneva. Working on the pieces I will present to you in the Call-Out Show in Geneva, I am exploring the nests, metaphorical place of our encounters to the world. 

As I am trying to represent this fertilization's symbolic and the literal values, I am taken unaware by the winter cold. It takes me to the emerging one’s fragility and to the nest phantasmagorical dimension when it encounters reality.

The trees are already bearing promises of fruits and as so, of the seeds of what will come after.

Coming out from the cocoon, whose we liberated from, in New York, what will we encounter ? This is what we will experiment from January 19th 2017, 6 pm, at  Laboratoire Andata Ritorno 37 rue du Stand Geneva.

[caption id="attachment_7492" align="alignnone" width="800"]Nid pyrogravure et encre 2 -detail - 2016 Nid pyrogravure et encre 2 -detail - 2016[/caption]



Published the 08/01/2017

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