Yama – 3 – From doubts to creation


In my last post I have left you, I know, in doubt. You wondered about my spirit, sure that the story I was telling could only have a happy ending. You were wrong and you were right.
Wrong because, as I was writing to you, I had already recognized on my way all those people, those hands, I usually don’t see, don’t grab, fearing to lose myself. This very new path, the staging one, is the collaboration and a sharing one. Being helped is no more to disappear. Muriel, Alexi, JeanF, Cathy, Tisa, Camille and all these who since months lent me their knowledge, their words, their time, and all of you who give me back your love, are making of this project a story of life and wisdom. As I was writing to you last time, doubt had already created in me new welcoming spaces.

Right because stories always end. Is it up to us to decide if the ending is happy ? if the story is finished ? If it starts again? If it is renewed ?
Yama, the choreography Noa will present from February 4th in Tel Aviv, is about choices, passing of time et what we make out of it. Our doubts, our stories, our actions. As for me it is the entire story that is beautiful, and it is only the beginning.
But today, just after the bloody Friday in Paris, that a lot of my friends have witnessed, in wich we are all players, are we at the beginning or at the end of a story ? Will our doubts, our fears, allow us to put our certitudes into play ? to recreate the world ? to open welcoming spaces to what we have to create ? I only know we are together. Lets open our arms and our hearts.

Published the 16/11/2015