Rainbow utopias

Rainbow Utopias
From January 14th 2023
Foule 3, 105th soul
2013 - detail of one of the 45 souls of Foule 3 - Geneva Switzerland
Foule 3, 105th soul
Rainbow utopias

2023, opens with a wonderful meeting with Barbara Polla. It was first in my studio, then in her gallery Analix Forever, starting a conversation that will materialize with the integration of a Foule in her exhibition Rainbow Utopias from January 14.

Rainbow Utopias, is a proposal in 46 artists, which “is intended to be a celebration of diversity … RAINBOW is a declaration of love for differences that our world abounds in, while they are so often stigmatized. The exhibition proposes a multitude of possible paths through art, in response to the crises that engulf us. A celebration of committed creation, of gentleness and lightness, including in illness, which is also part of the differences evoked” in the words of Barbara.

In this spirit, my Foule d’âmes in bronze, installed in the small garden, will face Abdul Raman Katanani’s Autoportrait Total Self-Portrait, a corrugated iron dovecote. In this work about forgiveness, started in 2009, the bronze souls come to forgive and to free themselves. Here, they will echo the work of the 45 other artists and a confinement. Fix oneself and fix the world.

Adresse : Analix Forever Gallery, Rue du Gothard 10, 1225, Chene Bourg, Switzerland

Writting residency at Grand Sault

Cahiers de travail Le grand Sault
Page 1 du carnet de travail du Grand Sault
PAge 2 des carnets de travail de la sresidence du Grand Sault

I have been invited by Anne Calas to her fertile place, the Grand Sault, a residence about encounters. I would be there in dialogue with Laetitia Pitz.

I have chosen to devote this time in Luberon to writing, and am both anxious and very curious about what will emerge.

I would be sure to let you know.

If you are in the region on December 11 come visit us. Laëticia will give a reading of Perfidia (text written during her first stay in Sault) and I will show for the first time, in its entirety, my ceramic ink roll, 10m long.

Exchange with Laëtitia Pitz at Grand Sault

Sorties de résidence
11 décembre 2022 à 15 heures
Grand Sault Echange copie
Invitation pour L'écahnge du 11 décembre 2022
info garnd sault
Plus d'informations pour l'échange du 11 décembre 2022

On December 11 at 3 p.m. on the occasion of our residency at Grand Sault, and at the invitation of Anne Calas, Laëtitia Pitz will perform her show Perfidia and I will exhibit my works.

At Grand Sault
Le Cler, Hameau de la loge Sault, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, 84390 France (map)

Adresse : Grand Sault Le Cler, 84390, Sault, France

„NATURE – ARTS interconnections”

Nature-Arts Interconnections
November 2nd-4th 2022
Conference NATURE - ARTS
Conference NATURE - ARTS

On November 3rd at 3:30 pm, I will present “Wood, dead birds, water”, a journey in 4 projects about my work.

The conference is open to researchers and visual artists who work on the ways in which nature in its various forms is present in visual arts. Nature has always been in the attention of artists, offering subjects for portrayal at the time when arts were mainly representational, providing a model for creation, being a source of inspiration, or standing as a value to be defended and protected against the nowadays global threats such as pollution or global warming. Deeply admired or thoroughly investigated, in the same time appropriated and transfigured in the act of creation, nature is today as relevant as always for visual arts.

The conference aims at looking at the multiplicity of ways in which artists involved nature in the artistic processes and their works.

Adresse : GALERIA MANSARDA FAD TIMIȘOARA, 4 Oituz, Timisoara, Romania

Kunsttage Basel with Simon Studer Gallery

Simon Studer and Berney Fine Arts for the Kunsttage Basel
Simon Studer and Berney Fine Arts for the Kunsttage Basel
Encre céramique 10 – Fil de pensée Deutéronome 22 6 ET 7
Encre céramique 10 – Fil de pensée Deutéronome 22 6 ET 7
Encre céramique 10 – Fil de pensée Deutéronome 22 6 ET 7 detail
Encre céramique 4 – Fil de pensée Deutéronome pomme d’or
Encre céramique 4 – Fil de pensée Deutéronome pomme d’or detail

Come and see two ceramic inks drawings on the stand of Simon Studer and Berney Fine Arts for the Kunsttage Basel from September 1st to 4th 2022.

N’oublie pas l’hiver – Carte Blanche

Nuit de la Philosophie - Institut Français de Timisoara Roumanie
20 mai 2022
Affiche Nuit de la phisolsophie

Carte blanche for the night of philosophy, at the French Institute in  Timisoara, Romania

Friday May 20th from  18:30 to midnight



Adresse : 
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