„NATURE – ARTS interconnections”

Nature-Arts Interconnections
November 2nd-4th 2022
Conference NATURE - ARTS
Conference NATURE - ARTS

On November 3rd at 3:30 pm, I will present “Wood, dead birds, water”, a journey in 4 projects about my work.

The conference is open to researchers and visual artists who work on the ways in which nature in its various forms is present in visual arts. Nature has always been in the attention of artists, offering subjects for portrayal at the time when arts were mainly representational, providing a model for creation, being a source of inspiration, or standing as a value to be defended and protected against the nowadays global threats such as pollution or global warming. Deeply admired or thoroughly investigated, in the same time appropriated and transfigured in the act of creation, nature is today as relevant as always for visual arts.

The conference aims at looking at the multiplicity of ways in which artists involved nature in the artistic processes and their works.

Adresse : GALERIA MANSARDA FAD TIMIȘOARA, 4 Oituz, Timisoara, Romania