ArtGeneva 2022 : Géographie de la mémoire solo show

Art Geneva
3 au 6 mars 2022
Geographie d ela mémoire
Géographie de la mémoire
ArtGeneva 2022
From 3rd to 6th March
ArtGeneva 2022 10th édition

Invited by the SALON, Friends of artgeneva, for the 10th anniversary of the Geneva’s fair, to design a Performance Installation about memory, I will present from March 3 to 6, 2022 Geography of memory.

Looking forward to see you there

opening hours 2022
Thursday March 3: 12 – 7 p.m.
Friday March 4: 12 – 8 p.m.
Saturday March 5: 12 – 8 p.m.
Sunday March 6: 12 – 7 p.m.

Adresse : 

Presentation of the Victor Trophies 2021

All Victor Trophies 2021
Fossils of Ginkgo leaves in glass and cementations with inclusion of a red glass thread. Framed in brass
20 x 10 x 4.5 cm without frame
Victor Trophies
Nuit Polaire
Polar Night 2021 event poster

Creation of the Victor trophies rewarding exceptional actions in favor of the poles

The Laureates were

• VICTOR ARTISTIC CREATION InukshukShort animated film (3 min) freely adapted from the Inuit tale “The first inukshuk, or the legend of the stone boy”. Directed by: Estelle Brun and Vincent Marie.

• VICTOR POLAR DOCUMENTARY Arctic, the Pole War Director: Agnès Hubschmann. Production: Magneto Press. Broadcaster: France 5. 87 mn – France – December 2020.

• VICTOR POLAR EXPEDITION By Vincent Grison, the Rennes-North Pole expedition – 13,000 km alone and independently, bike + sailboat + kite + ice canoe, April-July 2021.

• VICTOR POLAR BOOK As far as the eye can see, the frozen sea by François Garde. Paulsen Editions, August 2021.

• VICTOR STUDENT MEMORY The Russian Arctic, reservoir of power for the Russian Federation?. Author: Aurore Madelaine-Dupuich, student at Sciences Po Strasbourg, in master 1 in the “Study of international and global relations” field, thesis defended in September 2021.

• VICTOR PRESS REPORT Southern Lands Mission – television report. Author: Michel Izard. Broadcaster: JT 1pm TF1- 6 episodes. February 2020.

• HONORARY VICTOR Claude LORIUS, glaciologist

Presentation :

Saturday October 9th 2021 – from 18:00, Trophies presentation at 20:30
Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle | 57 rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris, France

400 millions de critiques TV show opening credits – TV5 monde channel 2021

300 millions de critiques TV show opening credits – TV5 monde channel 2020

Embrace @CorteDellArte

Fossile 5 night
Fossile 5 day
Fossiles Prototype
Naitre 1
pas en verre 2
Seves brutes dessin

CORTE DELL ARTE GALLERY | EMBRACE | nathalie rodach + anne mourier

SEPTEMBRE 5th – NOVEMBRE 23rd 2020

Corte dell Arte, Castello 6482, Calle Del Cafetier
Venezia, 30122, Italy

Corte Dell’ Arte présente  Nathalie Rodach et Anne Mourier, deux artistes conceptuelles.

Depuis des millénaires l’homme a tenté de prouver son indépendance face a l’univers et sa capacité à le contrôler et le dominer, quitte à détruire son propre environnement.

Nous sommes l’univers, il nous contiens et nous le contennons aussi. En le détruisant nous nous détruisons.

Rodach présente des travaux sur papier, verre et vidéo et raconte le monde dans lequel nus nous reconnaissons. Rivières et sèves nous rappellent nos propres sangs : menstruels ou blessures de nos guerres. En miroir, le travail de verre de Mourier raconte nos corps fragiles et puissants, qui ressemblent aux collines, plantes ou océans, contennant l’univers.

Qu’y a t-il de plus vivant et créatif que cette danse entre deux artistes qui se rencontrent, se confrontent dans l’écoute et la collaboration.

Toute forme d’amour est créatrice de vie et d’extase.

Venice Glass Week 2020

Embrace-Venice GlassWeek 2020

VENICE GLASSWEEK 2020 | CORTE DELL ARTE GALLERY | EMBRACE | nathalie rodach + anne mourier

SEPTEMBER 5th-13th 2020

Corte dell Arte, Castello 6482, Calle Del Cafetier
Venezia, 30122, Italy


Corte Dell’ Arte presents Nathalie Rodach and Anne Mourier, both conceptual artists.

For millennia now man has been trying to prove that he is independent of the universe and has the ability to control and dominate it at the cost of destroying his own environment.

We are the universe. It contains us and we contain it. By destroying it we destroy ourselves.

Rodach presents works on paper, glass and video that tell the world in which we recognize ourselves. Rivers and sap from trees remind us of our own blood: menstrual or blood from scars and the wounds of our wars. In mirror, Mourier’s glassworks tell our fragile and powerful bodies resembling hills, plants or oceans, containing the universe.

What could be more alive and creative than the dance of two individuals who meet, confront each other, listen, collaborate?

All forms of love are creators and generators of life and ecstasy.


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