Yama – 2 – Tensions and abandonment


I left, vaillant and flickering, warrior and anxious, full of who I think I am (an artist), empty of what I can. After a summer of paralyzing doubts, where each idea smashed against the wall of possibles, I finally presented to Noa a project we were working on. Made out of moving red gauzes, I was coming to Israel to confront the project to the stage and and the danse reality.

It was a destination of abandon. Abandon from the known and abandon to the unknown. The gauzes haven’t subjugated the stage, their layers giving complexity to what was supposed to be simplified. Rina, Noa’s choreographic interpreter and sister, was asking me to create a frame for the dancers. I didn’t understand.

I was proposing for the danse to be performed within a body, a cave with welcoming and restraining walls, a skin, scene of our imaginary.
I was like a child in front of a rageons ocean, not knowing if I had to confront it, cross it or just watch it, I was worried.What is reality ? Does it exist ? Is it this sea in front of which I was struggling or what I will do out her, with her, for her.

I resolved to know nothing anymore, neither why I was there, nor the mountain I had already climbed, nor the one I had get around. Forgotten the projects, the art pieces, the poems, forgotten what the sea is, what I am. Forgotten, you, whom I was worried for, concerned not to give you what I had promised.

What did I promise you? A journey in an unknown world, sharing with you this uncertain process.
Striped from my expectations, I forgot myself too, abandoned to what necessarily will come. I entered the water, taking Noa with me. We have played the possibles, forgetting what was child and what was waves.
I am back since 2 weeks, Vertigo came back, I will give it shape. The journey is the way.

Published the 20/10/2015