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Passover/Easter is the time for the quest of our promised land. I take this opportunity to share with you some images and thoughts I had preparing the "Cris et Féminité(s)" exhibition. In the womb of my studio I create pieces that will later deliver their meaning, directly or through you. Joyce Yahouda, by gathering the Cris and some Féminité(s), I have never shown, offered me a new Story. It is about our ability to let surface our intuitions, our wild humanity, the Feminine in Humankind in a burst of life.
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Immersed in blood and secrets, in God's image, we are male and female, indivisible. The air split us, our fathers define us. We forget ourselves, frightened by what we do not recognize of ourselves. When do we separate ? In our mothers body, we taste the violences, the questions and their germinating love. Blank pages already soiled with unknown and invisible stories, we struggle. Breaking the matrixes, we open up paths that will heal. They scream when giving birth, we do when leaving them. The promises vanish, when are we born? Separating, experimenting loneliness, our shrouded voices echo back to forgiveness. The waves, contained for a while, rumble and run over us. Breaking our barriers, ravaging our beliefs, they wash, careless, our limits and our consciousness. Our mute truths are exhumed naked. Lost, we put together the fears, one another, and the sacred. We reunite ourselves.

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This morning, before writing to you, I read again what Annick de Souzenelle wrote about Passover/Eastern in her book, La symbolique du corps humain, and I found this passage that I translate (poorly) for you: "in pain thou shalt bring forth children". In successive gestations, a matrix after another, giving birth to itself at more and more highly-developed level of her being, by slow and hash ascents, the Humanity will "climb back-up its tree" and reach this conquest. The passage of the Hebrew people in Egypt is one of the main aspect of this evolution. Egypt is a capital matrix. But, like our childish humanity, the hebrew people do not want to leave this womb. He fears the death that is birth. In existential depth and in paradoxical contradiction to its ontological quest, humanity prefers servitude to freedom.

I wish you, my friends, burst of life, smooth ascents in yourselves and to prefer an unknown freedom to slavery.  

Published the 09/04/2015

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