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Stories, as well as life, are made of little trajectories that accumulate, intersect and  grow apart, superimposing and nourishing one another.

I am slowly telling you the Passage du temps story  because at the same time I am preparing a story-exhibition, that will be narrate  from November 18th in New York, from where I am writing to you.

I expected to embark you like two years ago, to share with you my creative paths. But the words are staying quiet.

I do not grope around.The Call-In project's meaning is clear, it will restitute the subtiles movements driving us. The creation, is clear too, I materialize signs, books, traces, to capture fragments of the past and promise of the future. I know that at the limit of ourselves we encounter the other. That the fertilization that will be born out of it will be the purpose of Call-Out the January story-exhibition, to be tell in Geneva.

True to our relation, I try to link with you but can’t come out from this intimate quest. In this attempt to catch the turn to the foreign, I am totally and deliciously diving within.

In the here and now there I have no world to draw this silence. So on top of my love, I send you some images. I hope to see you on November 18th at the Chimney NYC to explore together your transformations.

Mes prisons - détail 4 - 2016

The divine comedy - détail 3 - 2016

Published the 05/11/2016

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