Call in (re)muer

From mutation to emergence : endless crossings - part 1

Cocon Call in
Made of found wood, red threads, bible verses wrapped in glass then released in two performances. at Chimney NYC Brooklyn
150 x 180 x 470 cm
Cocon Call In - Family tree of the bearing
cocon call in detail 1
Cocon Call In - Family trea of the bearing detail 1
cocon call in detail 2
Cocon Call In - Family trea of the bearing detail 2
Photogram cocon call in
Shadow of the Call In cocoon captured on 35 positive Ilford sheets in 1.2 second exposure
280 x 251.5 cm
Cocon Call In Photogram -

The Call In experiment was so clear to me, because it ended 13 years of this creative introspection gestation, and it had to say it last word to open to something else. I am writing from this elsewhere, an elsewhere at the exact place that seemed a summit for me, when all has began. I say all began but I immediately feel that I did not arise from this beginning. I was given to it experienced and full of other lives. For sure, to be born is an uninterrupted process.

This place in all points different from the one where closed by opening a book to which I would never stop coming back, far from an ocean and closer and closer to me, as clear as the other is interior. An elsewhere where footprints are invisible or yet to be discovered.
In this space that comes closer I tell the meeting to the other and what is born from it.

I have often met the other, it seems to me to have given birth to a number of living thoughts, but undoubtedly I did not let them go away, except my children, and by the same token they were perhaps only dreams. .

This makes it difficult for me to anticipate what I have not experienced. Even if the stories I tell have always been completely free in the minds of those who receive them.

(continued in the story Call Out (re) ceuillir)

(re)nommée 2 projection of the future
2016-Video projected on the ceiling
(re)nommée 2 projection of the future on the ceiling of the Chimney NYC
Hidden figures - Violettes 1
Photographs of violets, violets and their dried leaves in a book
23.5 x 15.3 x 3 cm
Hidden figures - Violettes 1
The divine comedy carre
Nest made of hair and feathers in a book
24 x 17.2 x 4.4 cm
The divine comedy - nid 2 - nid de cheveux et de plumes dans un livre
Holy Quran-Voile 1
Quran veiled in gauze and red silk threads
22.6 x 35 x 27.5 cm
Holy Quran-Veil 1
Mes prisons detail
Butterflies changing and flying from the book My Prisons
24.7 x 15.7 x 4.2 cm
Mes prisons - Papillons 2 - detail, butterfly escaping from the book
Installation geographie de la memoire visitors
Geographie de la mémoire visitors exploring traces of the past
Installation geographie de la memoire - Bibilothèque
Bookshelfs containing fragments of the past.
Holly bible et Tanah Deuteronome 22-6 et 7
Holy Bibles and Tanahs marked with deuteronomy 22-6 and 7 by photos of birds
Holly bible et Tanah Deuteronome 22-6 et 7
Call in boite -Mémoire detail
Transport box with 5 drawers: 1st drawer Passage of time call in / call out and red pins / 2nd drawer thread of thoughts / 3rd drawer The Gospels books and red silk threads / 4th drawer Red silk threads / 5th drawer silk threads white and red pins -
23.5 x 38.22 x 25 cm
Call in boite -Mémoire detail
cocon call in après
After releasing the cocoon
cocon call in - after