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Art, emotional vector of expressed or unconscious questions, is the sensitive expression of sentiment of the world. Philosophy is a questioning of the living, the being, the causes and values. When art examines the meaning of life and referring existential questions, it becomes Visual philosophy.

The art and philosophy encounter is intimate. Its inner expression, unique, instinctive, beyond the narrowing and driving words, open new and necessary spaces for whom receives it. Emotions, free from the mind, convey enlarged understanding of the self, in the other, from the other, of our responsibilities and the symbolic value of what run into us and teaches us.

The visual philosophy concept, is enunciated to open new fields of understanding and expression of the world exploration and meaning. It is a specific way to return and receive the world.

Art is, here, understood broadly: visual arts, poetry, gastronomy, music, dance etc.. Emotions, vibrations are generated out of educational purpose, they have their own ways beyond their authors. When crossed, in the in the context of dialogs, collaborations, joint researches, those various medias increase the experimentation and knowledge fields.

Along my way, I have grabbed branches, feathers, pebbles, I have threaded beads, embroidered names, retained pictures, sought for meaning. Gathering the all, 6 matrix trees arose. They tell the path of the human, his destiny, its confrontation to the society, his exile, his return to memory, the freedom he gains from it and his divine part.

In the following stories, those matrix nourish and structure my quest. Looking deep into the ground for roots, or soaring up toward the sky, my branches grow and feed themselves to build meaning to be shared.

My work, artistic expression, is about representing emotionally existential notions. Put together, those notions create stories and questioning. This questioning is broaden by the confrontation with other creators.

In this website, I offer you to confront randomly some notions I have explored to create your own process or story and to allow yourself to be drift away by what will arise in yourself.


Creative genesis

What is art for?
What is art for?
Séparateur pictogrammes
Amour radio thorax perles 4 - research in progress
Amour radio thorax perles 2 - research in progress
Amour radio thorax perles 3 - research in progress
Amour scintigraphie 23 - research in progress
Amour scintigraphie 20 - research in progress
Amour scintigraphie 17 - research in progress
Amour papier brode crochet 1 - research in progress
Amour papier brode crochet 2 - research in progress
Amour papier brode crochet 3 - research in progress
Amour papier brode crochet 1- research in progress - detail
Martin Buber : The way of man
Martin Buber : Le chemin de l'homme
Séparateur pictogrammes

(Beginning with oneself)   To begin with, I must recognize that any conflict between myelf and the other are only expressions of the conflicts in my own soul. Then I must seek to overcome these inner conflicts to emerge as a transformed person, at peace with myself, so that I may be able to establish new and transformed relationships with my fellows humans.(...) What is essential here is to begin with oneself. In that instant, I should have no other concern for the world, only for that beginning.(...) This transformation of myself is the fulcrum from where, like Archimedes, I can move the world. If, instead, I were to establish two Archimedean fulcrums, one here in my soul and the other in the soul of my adversary, then my enabling vantage point would vanish.

(Not to be preoccupied with oneself) To begin with oneself, yes, but not to end with oneself. To advance from the self but not to be self-advancing. To be self-aware but not preoccupied with oneself.

Le nid
Nid sculpture paille brulée, plumes et cheveux
Nid sculpture paille brulée, plumes et cheveux - détail
Fils bleus stylo 1 - détail
Fils rouges stylo 3
Fils de pensée 3 commentaire deutéronome 22-6
Fils de pensée 3 - commentaire deutéronome 22-6 - détail
Fils rouges stylo 5 - détail
Fils rouges et bleu stylo 1 - détail
Nid encre 1
Nid encre 2
Tronc pyrogravés 3
Tronc pyrogravés et nids d'encre 4 - détail
Tronc pyrogravés et nids d'encre 7
Tronc pyrogravés et nids d'encre 2 - détail
Description de nid stylo bleu 1
Tronc pyrogravés 2
Hetre Passsage du temps
Hetre Ezechiel 30-20
Hetre Deuteronome 22-6
Hetre Deuteronome 22-6 Psaumes 9-13 et proverbes 27
Hidrangea sur neige

Deutéronome 22, 6-7 Si tu rencontres en ton chemin un nid d'oiseaux sur quelque arbre ou à terre, de jeunes oiseaux ou des œufs sur lesquels soit posée la mère, tu ne prendras pas la mère avec sa couvée: 7 tu es tenu de laisser envoler la mère, sauf à t'emparer des petits; de la sorte, tu seras heureux et tu verras se prolonger tes jours.

כִּי יִקָּרֵא קַן-צִפּוֹר לְפָנֶיךָ בַּדֶּרֶךְ בְּכָל-עֵץ אוֹ עַל-הָאָרֶץ, אֶפְרֹחִים אוֹ בֵיצִים, וְהָאֵם רֹבֶצֶת עַל-הָאֶפְרֹחִים, אוֹ עַל-הַבֵּיצִים--לֹא-תִקַּח הָאֵם, עַל-הַבָּנִים. שַׁלֵּחַ תְּשַׁלַּח אֶת-הָאֵם, וְאֶת-הַבָּנִים תִּקַּח-לָךְ, לְמַעַן יִיטַב לָךְ, וְהַאֲרַכְתָּ יָמִים.


Isabelle Roy – Artist
Chambre des fantasmes
La Matrice
La Matrice
La Matrice
La Matrice

My first encounter with the work of Isabelle Roy, was at the Red House. A large part mirrors referred that the image of him who was facing but invited to watch small stools, voyeur, inside the box, through eyecups which left more guess, imagine what to see, the scene unfolding inside. The second time was in the hospital Saint Anne in the Singer Museum, where two by two, visitors could observe an open cocoon in an overheated room. A strange and dreamlike scene took me to places never explored in me, freeing spaces for creativity and possibilities. This is why I share the work of this artist with you.

More about Isabelle Roy

Art Brut
Judith Scott
Judith Scott
Judith Scott
Judith Scott
Judith Scott
Judith Scott
Judith Scott
Judith Scott
Judith Scott
Judith Scott
Judith Scott
Marion Woodman : Conscious Feminity
Marion Woodman : Conscious Feminity
Séparateur pictogrammes
Commenting on a mandala whose center was left empty, Jung said that its center was the new era, the era which we have now entered. We are the observing center of the mandala which now revolves within human consciousness as consciousness expands to encompass the globe. The globe is a mandala whose center is us, whose center is the consciousness we bring to it. Our consciousness in the perceiver that can change the perceived.
The us who will one day live in the center of that mandala will be both masculine and feminine, united in a partnership of equals. That union transcends without denying gender; gender is the differentiated manifestation of the oneness that transcend it. To call the us at the center « androgynous », with its primitive associations, is inadequate to what we as conscious beings and world citizens are becoming. Perhaps a better understanding lies in the concept of human identity coming into consciousness through recognition of what is foreign to us, not as alien, but as the instrument of recognition. The feminine is the instrument of recognition of the masculine, as the masculine is the instrument of recognition of the feminine. The one is present in the other as the instrument of consciousness itself.

Daily life as inspiration

Sèves Brutes | 3 | Present - 14 June 2018

What is more volatile than the present?

At the end of our breath, in the word that is preparing to cross our lips, it is still the future. The inhale after the exhale, the exhale after the inhale, the future again. The word before, the sentence before the previous inhale, already the past. The click of the camera immortalizes what happens. The lived experience is, however, eternity.

At l’Arrêt sur l'Image Gallery, the present materializes in a random moment between what is seen and what does not appear yet, or has already disappeared. Put together presence and absence, love and hatred, and all opposites complement each other. The present as the sum of the past and the future.


Sèves Brutes | Tonight | Past Present Future - 17 May 2018

The unveiling of the times is today, I will welcome you today, Thursday, May 17th, 2018: First at Arrêt Sur l’Image Gallery at 4:00PM, followed by the Musée des Arts Decoratives de Bordeaux (madd-bordeaux) at 5:30PM.

My faithful team who accompany me on my adventures will join me, as well as Marie Secret who organized the exhibition, rodach_webstie Lamire Favre, founder of Arrêt Sur l’Image Gallery, Constance Rubini, director of madd-bordeaux, and Annabelle Grellier, director of communication of Chateau Palmer.

Sèves Brutes | invitation | Thursday May 17th 2018 in Bordeaux - 12 May 2018

“Temps,” the French word for Time, is always written in plural, even though it can only be singular. If it does multiply, it is by the strength of our decentralized minds.

In Bordeaux, I will explore what passes through us; these vital fluids, waters, bloods, saps, and those immaterial intuitions, energies, breaths, our raw saps.