Passages à l’âme

Unique, from past lives and stories we come to the world to offer this unknown

Masque Radio crane 1 espace R 3
2013 Gauzes and ink on skull x-ray
43,5 x 51 x 8 cm
Masque Radio crane 1 espace R 3

I look through two openings, a prism of the world. Isolated from myself, uncorrelated, parts of myself appear and disappear, creating the illusion of reality. The inside and the outside. A mask, able to signify the beautiful and the ugly, or the good and the bad. I search in the eyes of the other for my truth. He only sees himself. We are masking each other.

Masques intsllation espace R
Masques intsllation espace R
Masque autoportrait pam gaze papier 1
2012 Modeling clay and gauze on paper
66 x 85 cm
Masque self portrait modelling clayr 1
Cris Installation Espace R 1
2013 - Installation of 30 shouting x-rays
env. 400 x 400 x 100 cm
Cris Installation Espace R
Cris espace R caroline
2013 - Installation of 30 shouting x-rays
env. 400 x 400 x 100 cm
Shouting x-rays installation espace R

On this road, searching for our differences, the dissociation rips cries from us. From birth we cry to return to the breast of our mothers, a cry from fear of the cold, and of rage which resonates in all languages, for all ages. The cry of helplessness and of anger. Waiting for comfort from a world which vibrates and vacillates. When the echo of my cry reaches me, if I hear it, answering my needs, I take under my wing my own and unique truth, my inner mother, and fly away towards my destiny.

Cris et oiseau
Installation of 30 shouting x-rays and a bird carrying his nest under his wing 2011 - Bird - Bronze, unique 145 x 50 x 65 cm
Installation Shoutings and the birdespace R
Livres de reves installation Espace R 4
Installation of the books of dreams
Books of dreams installation Espace R
Livres des reves voile espace R
Installation of the books of dreams
Books of dream behind a veil

So I will go where my dreams take us, into my memories first to pay homage, then on the search for the shadow which preceded me. I will confide the reality of my dreams, nightmares or promises. To fly on the shoulders of the angel towards necessary voyages.

Livre des rêves 1
2012 - leaves and memorieson gauze and tracing paper, oak socle
37,5 x 26,5 x 105,5 cm
Book of dreams 1
Livre des rêves 2
2012 - Gauze and prayers pyrograves on tracing paper, oak socle
56,5 x 26,5 x110,5 cm
Book of dream 2
Livre des rêves 4, 3rd interpretation
2012 - leaves, flowers, feathers and red string on gauzes and tracing paper, Oak socle
39 x 25,5 x 105,5 cm
Book of dreams 4 (the shaddows) 3rd interprtation

On this road butting against the question of meaning, I look back, curious about the emptiness which swallows me up. I reassemble the bits and pieces which have made up my life, a patchwork which defined me and of which I am constructed. I draw the map of my path, on which murmur my ghosts. Which silent paths have preceded us? Reconstructing myself piece by piece, I embroider what has been bequeathed to me, what has been transmitted to me and which exceeds me.

Passages (les mères)
Passages (the mothers) 2012 - 2013 - feathers, red strings and beads on wood
130 x 255 x 120 cm
Passages (the mothers) on the floor
Passages (les mères) detail
Passage (the mothers) detail
Passages papier cire espace R 4 rcdre
Installations 2013 - Ink and wax on 84 sheet of waxed paper and metal stand
Passages papier cire espace R 4

Raising my gaze led me to illusion, made me stumble, on my road I ask myself the question of meaning. I look in myself and reunite with my heavenly part.

Autoportrait avec mon sang voile espace R 2
Self portrait with my blood and veil espace R
Autoportrait Radio auto portrait avec mon sang Fotodart
2012 - Photography - blood rhesus O+ on anopnymous skull x-ray
21 x 27,6 cm
Self portrait with my blood on anonymous skull x-ray
2010-2021 - Bronze, wook, prayers and secrets
73 x 260 x 64 cm
Radio encre et Gaze 13 (Extension)
2012 - Ink and Gauze on anonymous skull x-ray
35,5 x 43 x 8 cm
X-ray ink and gauze 13 (Extension)

Going towards the paths of knowledge, putting our feet on those which have preceded us, without believing that they knew better than us, without allowing ourselves to split, to become fragile, joining our souls to those of others, we create the Divine.

Totem detail
Prayers to the moon and to the sun
Totem detail
Radio encre et gaze 03
2012 Ink and gauze on anonymous skull x-ray
25.2 x 20.1 x 8 cm
Ink and Gauze Radio 03 on a light box
X-Rays installation espace R
Installation of the souls in x-rays
X-Rays installation in Espace R