Yama 5 – May our lights reawaken


Right before the end of the pagan year, I returned to Israel, on the path of what is to be. We went back on stage. Since the end of November, the cubes have been built, their dresses were missing, we have invented some, for the stage to inform us. The tribal and dark costumes underline this life moment the dancers are about to perform. It is not yet fixed.

The Christian year, bloodily started and ended, will not dictate the mood of the piece. At night, the stars are awake.

The music draws the way to those who don't see and bang themselves. Quietly, in echo, it escorts their steps, with strength, deeply, timeless.

From the dark will have to emerge what the year and the past centuries tried to forget. The Human right side up, who looks inside to nourish outside.

Noa, still progressing blindly, is driven by her instinct. The time is missing and an urge. A month before the premiere, she draws a battle with the elements, the time and herself, the outline of a universal tale of life and death.

Next week we will, for the last time go back to rehearsal on stage, on the way of the Three Wise men, make offering, what we know, what we discover and what we accept from our reveries. We will decide if they are dreams or nightmares. Isn't it our responsibility ?

As the common year starts again, restless, truce of violence, I wish that at the end of the show our lights reawake.




Published the 06/01/2016

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