Vertigo – 5 – Day 6

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Friday May 22nd 9:00. This morning when I woke up, I thought to the links betweens my work and the country where I am, I realized I never mention the places where I create fro when, in general, they obviously influence my creation, would it be because I am in the confort of my homy studio, or emptiness, I choose each week in the Annemasse studio, the jeopardy I put myself in creating in Thailand, the encounters in New York, land of my first geographical exil or now, here in Israel, promised land. In a previous life, before accepting to be, I use to spend a lot of time here. It might be en encounter with contemporary dance in Jerusalem that have urge my motion. Before the force of of the creation, I told myself : Israel was the country, the only one where creativity was so brutal, so raw, that if I wanted to pretend myself an artists I had to create there. I told myself there, when I was in its heart, Jerusalem, at that time. Am I here now ? This morning meaning, earlier, I thought that Israel is the land of exil, of all exils, imaginaries and real. The promise land. The inner mother to conquer. And it could not be by chance if, to present the sun piece that I called "A ma mère" ( to my mother), when she is not mentioned in it, I am building a nest to be.

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Published the 24/05/2015

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