Vertigo – 4 – Day 4 and 5

Wednesday May 20th 8:40, And there was evening, and there was morning - the fourth day. And God said, “Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky.”. To live within oneself and outside, to be fruitful and increase. My inner images, my necessities, my fear, the outer realities, what remains to be done, what will not. How to let go the unknown for it to happen ? While I tame my room, while the blue belly birds, the ones with yellow beak, the donkeys and all the red ants wish me good morning, while today, a light breeze pats me, I try to find myself. Inhale, exhale, accept. Be here, within me, and here with them. I am worried not to be able to create a sculpture definitive and ephemeral for a futur almost immediate and certain, and at the same time to let arise the meaning of the path we might wander together. Would it be ungratefulness : how to give without counting, to make sure the shares are fair. Already, not naming all those allowing me to be in this moment, I feel dishonest, but I have chosen to share with you those lines, almost at the same time as I write them, and it couldn't interfere. Remain free and included. Prosper under waters and high in the sky.

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Thursday May 21st 11:15. The first thing that surprise me in the morning are the smells buried deep in me since my childhood, or maybe even more ancient times. Scents of rosemary and sun, with names of colors, not in latin. If I could, It would be them I would write here : what they do to my heart, how they escort me. So much softness. A reunion. Yesterday I was telling to Nimrod my concern not to find our project, but talking to him of my researches, the mothers, the breath of God, the soil and the water, wandering in his world and in mine, it was so obvious that everything was already the project. I belong here.This morning, Merav recognised me, why am I surprised ? Love, emotions, flows and reflux. Later I will tell the nest, "A nest to be" could it carry all those smells ?

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Published the 22/05/2015

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