Vertigo – 2 – Journal day 1

Sunday May 17th from memory: I woke up over the sea, comforted by what was earned ans maybe not deserved, surrounded, loved maybe, questioning what the moment was made of, a normality, a minute after an other , ce qui when each moment seems to be a définitive truth. Then, I dropped the one I love, for them to go home and I left seeking for myself. Welcomed by those I don't know yet. Tenderly, gently not to rush what will be, we started to danse around who we were, each of us covering part of the distance of what will be. I was here and elsewhere, in all the elsewhere. My head beating me, the sky where I sent them before they land, the sea was not art of it, fields, vineyards, vestiges of history. AT night I collapsed, awaken by dreams I don't remember and mosquitos that left some traces.I finally got up, the room was familiar and hostile, I had to find one within myself. G I got up and here I am at the start of an adventure that improves myself.

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Published the 19/05/2015

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