Inhale and exhale at the same time

“Side by side and face to face” interlinking visions of the world

In Inhaling and exhaling at the Same Time, a continuation of my symbolic approach to the divine, I put “side by side and face to face” alternate visions of the world.
The photo and video work takes place in five stages.
The first part presents birds that have struck the glass wall of the artist’s studio while trying to cross it. It is about the real and the spiritual, the visible and the invisible, the shadow and the light, the literal and the symbolic.
The second phase presents hands, a recurring theme for the artist, who sees it as a metaphor for knowledge, destruction and creation, and the relationship to the world.
The third and fourth times are simultaneous. With different colors, blood red and flesh beige, they show, in a visual and sound confrontation, the passage from life to death, and that, invisible, from death to life.
The fourth time, gray in color, poses the question of meaning, of what remains. It abruptly ends with a pirouette of no response.

Birds triptych April 4th 2017
2017 Photography
Birds triptych April 4th 2017