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Sometimes you find yourself being in the right place at the right time. What made me see this horizon by @studioolafureliasson in the interesting @adjayeassociates building is mysterious. I ended up in #opudisland because a storm that never raised prevent me to go to an other one, the monastery was closed so we walked the other way…A thin line a 11 minutes cycle of changing light, that only shows its deepness on the film, but only offers the colors to the eyes. It was a bright afternoon and we had to enter the dark room to see ourselves surrender by this line offering no escape no future. Is it right? Are the latest frightening news of the world saying that?When I look at the horizon myself I see hope and future, since it is not the illusion of a better life that we pursue but the quest of our unknown part. Running after the hypothetic graal behind the horizon we end up where we started right behind ourselves. #thyssenbornemiszaartcontemporary 10th anniversary