Creation process

Art, emotional vector of expressed or unconscious questions, is the sensitive expression of sentiment of the world. Philosophy is a questioning of the living, the being, the causes and values. When art examines the meaning of life and referring existential questions, it becomes Visual philosophy.

The art and philosophy encounter is intimate. Its inner expression, unique, instinctive, beyond the narrowing and driving words, open new and necessary spaces for whom receives it. Emotions, free from the mind, convey enlarged understanding of the self, in the other, from the other, of our responsibilities and the symbolic value of what run into us and teaches us.

The visual philosophy concept, is enunciated to open new fields of understanding and expression of the world exploration and meaning. It is a specific way to return and receive the world.

Art is, here, understood broadly: visual arts, poetry, gastronomy, music, dance etc.. Emotions, vibrations are generated out of educational purpose, they have their own ways beyond their authors. When crossed, in the in the context of dialogs, collaborations, joint researches, those various medias increase the experimentation and knowledge fields.

Along my way, I have grabbed branches, feathers, pebbles, I have threaded beads, embroidered names, retained pictures, sought for meaning. Gathering the all, 6 matrix trees arose. They tell the path of the human, his destiny, its confrontation to the society, his exile, his return to memory, the freedom he gains from it and his divine part.

In the following stories, those matrix nourish and structure my quest. Looking deep into the ground for roots, or soaring up toward the sky, my branches grow and feed themselves to build meaning to be shared.

My work, artistic expression, is about representing emotionally existential notions. Put together, those notions create stories and questioning. This questioning is broaden by the confrontation with other creator’s.

In this website, I offer you to confront randomly some notions I have explore to create your own process or story and to allow yourself to be drift away by what will arise in yourself.