Sèves Brutes | 3 | Present -

What is more volatile than the present?

At the end of our breath, in the word that is preparing to cross our lips, it is still the future. The inhale after the exhale, the exhale after the inhale, the future again. The word before, the sentence before the previous inhale, already the past. The click of the camera immortalizes what happens. The lived experience is, however, eternity.

At l’Arrêt sur l’Image Gallery, the present materializes in a random moment between what is seen and what does not appear yet, or has already disappeared. Put together presence and absence, love and hatred, and all opposites complement each other. The present as the sum of the past and the future.


Sèves Brutes | Tonight | Past Present Future -

The unveiling of the times is today, I will welcome you today, Thursday, May 17th, 2018: First at Arrêt Sur l’Image Gallery at 4:00PM, followed by the Musée des Arts Decoratives de Bordeaux (madd-bordeaux) at 5:30PM.

My faithful team who accompany me on my adventures will join me, as well as Marie Secret who organized the exhibition, rodach_webstie Lamire Favre, founder of Arrêt Sur l’Image Gallery, Constance Rubini, director of madd-bordeaux, and Annabelle Grellier, director of communication of Chateau Palmer.

Raw Saps |2| The deep fragility of what is to come -

It would be a text about a land who welcomed and allowed me to unveil its essence. I came with iron oxide and glass silicate as well as my fellow partners Jean-Francois, Elad, Marie, Federica, Sally and Momo to draw the underlying life of Bordeaux’s land. The project seemed right and all the Men subscribed to it. But I didn’t ask the land, and I felt  an apprehension I couldn’t define. The women perceived it as well, and I was petrified, questioning the whole project, when we were already in the vineyard.


Sèves Brutes |1| Shadow and light -

I will be soon in Bordeaux. I intended to explore the now, the past and the future, to, I believed, look at what we are crossed by, blood, water, spirituality, our lives. But it could be the reverse.

From the past, remains the traces, the imprints. The now is to be lived. We will, by May, come back to those tenses. I first want to address the future, the one I will attempt to capture in the Chateau Palmer vineyards, next week.


The absence in our paces -

I wanted to share with you this story, “The absence in our paces“, created for the Tunisian Venice Art Biennial Pavilion, which theme was « The absence of path ».

While the Biennial closed its doors, while the year ended to start again and the paths has begin to emerge, reading the texts I wrote struck me, they fit so much with what is to come.


Call Out | To break through -

Time is flying , and I have been able to measure it thanks to the fruitfull encounters born from
Call Out. Before the Call In/Call Out chapter comes to its end, Saturday February 18th at 6pm, I would like to invite you for a drink Thursday February 16th from 6 to 8:30 pm.

We will look at what can’t be seen, listen to what we suggest, uncover hidden details, symbolic texts, quiet reflects, echos to what inhabit us and we could free together. We will create links and  also mere nothing, we will be together and this is what matters.


Call In to Call Out | liberating -

Assaf seated on a chair facing the wall, on a corner, he started to play a very quiet and somehow sad chord. I started walking around the cocoon, slowly. Assaf whistled once or twice slowly too, with a long pause in between the whistling and I started grabbing the red threads, one by one to hand them to the ceremony participants.

Call In | Invitation -

Those creations that were born within me will come to you starting Friday to celebrate our spring.

Around a glass and wood cocoon, created in parteneship with Andrew Erdos, my Corning Museum of Glass’s partner , you are invited in a journey in the time. Futur projected symbolised by the videos”renommée”.  Past, the fragmented memory, giving evidences of our previous sloughs, in decomposed and fragmented books.


Passages du temps 3 : les commencements -

Ne s’inscrira que la dérision du temps. Celui que l’on compte, celui auquel on se réfère. Les dates choisies par les hommes pour la création de l’univers cherchent à apprivoiser l’infini, rendre vivantes les mythologies. Emprisonner le temps en dates, c’est donner sépulture à ce que nous a précédè. Nous laisser de la place pour continuer à avancer.


Passage du temps – 2 – Adar 2 -

Over the blank page bearing the waves of my indecisiveness, my stylet remaine hanging a longtime .
Yet my hand knows its way, several time already, it draw those moments of life, stamped the paper in tiny holes. As many holes as the days in the represented lives, as many holes as the minutes in the depicted months. Yet my mind knows a scheme preexiste my intention, and  will be recorded no matter what. More…

Passage du temps – 1 -

Est-ce le moment ? Celui de partager ?  Vous raconter mes cheminements sur le temps. Tenter de répondre avec vous aux questions de son début et de sa fin. Notre époque s’emballe, avec beaucoup de vide et un peu de soleil aussi.
Alors nous arrêter ensemble pour regarder le temps, le questionner, lui demander où est notre place dans le grand système, du centre aux extrêmes, de la périphérie au plus profond du cœur.

Yama – 8 – The real -

I wondered what I should be sharing with you, for this last email about Yama.

Should I tell you the premiere, the success, the enthusiasm and the anxieties, the full house, the emotion, mine and the spectator’s, the flowers on stage, the confrontation between the real and the dreamt.


Yama – 7 – Devenir Spectateur -

When the lights came back, I didn’t want to leave. During four days I had been one with the theater, the setting and the dance. The dark and velvety black, the warm and moving lights lined my nest.At the end of the fours rehearsal days on stage, where Noa and Rina built scenes, associated lights, adjusted transitions, edited, cut, and reorganized the play, a sort of truth came out, whose magic we will see on stage from February 4th.The task seemed, at first, insurmountable, the setting was a monster to be tamed, to make it dance with the stage, the lights, the dancers. Rina and Noa were following a thread I didn’t always saw, novice as I am. More…

Yama 5 – May our lights reawaken -

Right before the end of the pagan year, I returned to Israel, on the path of what is to be. We went back on stage. Since the end of November, the cubes have been built, their dresses were missing, we have invented some, for the stage to inform us. The tribal and dark costumes underline this life moment the dancers are about to perform. It is not yet fixed.

The Christian year, bloodily started and ended, will not dictate the mood of the piece. At night, the stars are awake. More…

Yama – 4 – What is possible -

I come back from Israel where we had our first rehearsal on stage. For the sake of the show’s magic, I won’t tell you (yet) the world we are building, but I will share the magic of creation. How an idea, a drawing, combined intuitions and a lot of trust, led us.
I won’t come back to the doubts, only on the infinite guiding little voices. The fleeting images emerging from long conversations with Noa and her sister and co-choregraph, Rina, the pages of my notebook recording their translation in ideas. Those pages we turn back when the ideas come back again and again without being eliminated. Last week when I arrived at the village, all the settings I had imagined where still considered, everything was possible, nothing certain. More…

Yama – 3 – From doubts to creation -

In my last post I have left you, I know, in doubt. You wondered about my spirit, sure that the story I was telling could only have a happy ending. You were wrong and you were right.
Wrong because, as I was writing to you, I had already recognized on my way all those people, those hands, I usually don’t see, don’t grab, fearing to lose myself. This very new path, the staging one, is the collaboration and a sharing one. Being helped is no more to disappear. Muriel, Alexi, JeanF, Cathy, Tisa, Camille and all these who since months lent me their knowledge, their words, their time, and all of you who give me back your love, are making of this project a story of life and wisdom. As I was writing to you last time, doubt had already created in me new welcoming spaces. More…

Yama – 2 – Tensions and abandonment -

I left, vaillant and flickering, warrior and anxious, full of who I think I am (an artist), empty of what I can. After a summer of paralyzing doubts, where each idea smashed against the wall of possibles, I finally presented to Noa a project we were working on. Made out of moving red gauzes, I was coming to Israel to confront the project to the stage and and the danse reality.

It was a destination of abandon. Abandon from the known and abandon to the unknown. The gauzes haven’t subjugated the stage, their layers giving complexity to what was supposed to be simplified. Rina, Noa’s choreographic interpreter and sister, was asking me to create a frame for the dancers. I didn’t understand. More…

Yama – 1 – Seeding utopias -

Here I am again, full of this silent summer months boiling, ready for the harvest and sharing. The spring seedings have germinated. I am about to go back on the dancing soils. Noa have asked me to create the setting of her new piece : Yama.It is about symbolic waters : feminine and masculine, all matters that question me since a long time. However this request put me out of focus. Unreadable and indelible lines, has been written within me, splitting the times, where I thought I was and where I am going, what I believe of who I am, unable to catch the before and the after, the top and the bottom, the real and the rest. More…

Vertigo – 3 – Journal day 2 and 3 -

Monday May 18th 18:17, the relief of a first day completed, a semblance of routine not to totally slide, some landmarks, the table from witch I write those lines, the branches grabbed and placed on a closet to figurate the french institut bookcase. The abandonned branches, the fading leaves. The feathers refusing to be assembled with wire. The impossibility to fit such a big tree in a small car, the nest that might not be one. But it must be. As Noa’s step danse are created, in silence, budding choreography, glare of our common worlds. A necessity called by an intuition, little stones thrown here and there and a meaning, a context emerge, she adorns with music, I with words. She is part of my own kind.

IMG 2850 rcdre IMG 2943 More…

Invisible Dog – 10 – Presentation, eclipse solaire -

JR presentation video Lune 1
(Sorry, this article is for now only available in French)
Mercredi dernier, Anne, Remy (depuis New Dehli) et moi avons temporairement arrêté le temps. De 17:31 à 21:37, nous avons concentré 28 jours écoulés et un à venir en présentant notre travail. L’espace de travail et de partage de l’Invisible Dog s’est changé en zone spatiale. Le temps d’une soirée, une centaine de visiteurs sont venus décrocher la lune avec nous. La somme de nos recherches et de nos rêves, les amorces de ce qui viendra et que nous ne connaissons pas encore et l’énergie et la curiosité visiteurs nous ont portés loin de Brooklyn.  More…

Invisible Dog – 8 – Pleine lune, eclipse de lune -

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Il semblerait que l’alignement des étoiles, la conjonction des astres de ces derniers jours, de ces dernières semaines, nous aient poussés à penser à la façon dont nos vies devaient s’infléchir, comment nous devions nous réfléchir. La pleine lune, comme à son habitude, a précipité des départs, pour laisser la place aux nouveau-nés. L’éclipse qui l’accompagnait a ajouté à la confusion des émotions, exacerbant ma perception du temps. Je m’interroge sur la façon dont nous surpassons nos épreuves, sont-elles inscrites dans nos chemins, les provoque-t-on ? Les fractures de vie que nous avons déjà vécues, sont elles des ponts pour dépasser les prochaines ? C’est cette expérience des cycles et des passages que j’explore au travers de deux oeuvres que je vous ai montrées, l’une achevée, l’autre en cours, sans vous en donner les clés. More…

Invisible dog – 7 – Premier quartier -

20141001 quart de lune NY 1
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Doucement, tranquillement le soleil se reflète sur l’astre miroir et dévoile sa présence rassurante. Comme la plante lentement émerge du sol, je sors du noir. Petit à petit se déploient les idées germées dans la première période rendant tangible sa matérialité. Dans la période précédente, la vie et la mort étaient intimement imbriquées, dans l’obscurité comment savoir ce qui commence et ce qui finit ? Le premier quartier de lune remet de l’ordre et, comme l’étoile, indique au berger sa direction. More…

L’invisible Dog est une ruche -

Fil de pensee 1 en cours detail 18
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L’air ici est différent, intense, il balaye fermement les doutes et ceux qui les ont.
J’ai commencé lundi denier à travailler à l’Invisible Dog me mouvant entre mes recherches personnelles, la collaboration avec Anne et la découverte de ce lieu incroyable qu’est l’Invisible Dog.
Jusque dans les années 90, l’immeuble était une fabrique de ceintures. Les laisses pour chiens invisibles en avaient assuré un temps le succès. En 2009 l’espace est repris pour promouvoir l’art sous toutes ses formes. C’est un espace de création et d’exposition. More…

le voile est levé, venez c’est maintenant -

Carton d invitation  format web
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C’est un beau moment que celui ou je peux partager avec vous mes imaginations et réalisations mises en espace.    Je suis à l’espace 43R

  • de 13 heures à 19 heures vendredi 20, samedi 21 et dimanche 22 septembre
  • de 13 heures à 21 heures lundi 23 septembre (verrée de finissage à partir de 18 heures)
  • sur rendez vous du 24 au 29 septembre


Passages à l’âme l’installation -

IMG 1739IMG 1754
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Je ne vous ai pas inclus dans tous les préparatifs, par pudeur je crois. Merci pour vos mots d’encouragement et de curiosité. La date du dévoilement approche, et je ne dévoilerai presque rien en partageant avec vous les premières images de l’installation et en vous présentant l’équipe de choc qui m’accompagne.  More…