Raw Saps |2| The deep fragility of what is to come -

It would be a text about a land who welcomed and allowed me to unveil its essence. I came with iron oxide and glass silicate as well as my fellow partners Jean-Francois, Elad, Marie, Federica, Sally and Momo to draw the underlying life of Bordeaux’s land. The project seemed right and all the Men subscribed to it. But I didn’t ask the land, and I felt  an apprehension I couldn’t define. The women perceived it as well, and I was petrified, questioning the whole project, when we were already in the vineyard.


Matza | 5 | Bardo Museum exhibition until May 7th 2017 -

The Bardo exhibition successfully opened Friday. We presented the result of our reflections about the Kerkennah Islands. I am now back to Geneva and it is time for me to introduce you to my friends and colleague artists, whom have their personal interpretation of the island, its assets, its challenges. The richness and the complexity of our exploratory field is reflected in the ensemble.
It is a story that will be tell. It is about round trips, tides, fishing, migrants and also dreamed land.


Matza | 4| Veiled Charfia -

In the emergency of the Bardo museum exhibition preparation, April 14th, Tunis, Tunisie,  I send you the images of the Veiled Charfia that will remain in Kerkennah. I will only bring back the images, as I didn’t get to meet with the women of the island that the men praise with compliment and cover them with veil.


Matza | 3 | Vanishing point -

I turn around a line encircling the world and bearing all the fantasy of liberty, always further. A line between sky and earth, between sky and sea, called horizon but when touching the mountains. A line of mysticism, dream and mistakes.
A gathering of separation points, up, down, here, over there. Over there obviously more beautiful. 
Freedom is beyond this line, vertically and horizontally. Is it a junction point ?


Matza | 2 | Return from exile to common land -

Matza is named after the Mazze, a XVth century tradition, democracy participatory forbear.  In the Haut-Valais in Switzerland, protesters unearthed a tree, put it upside down and went from village to village to set out their disagreement. Those who who were convinced hammered a nail in the trunk. As Severin Guelpa, Matza founder, says it revealed the determination of a community to defend it self and to take charge of its own destiny.

Matza | 1 | Abandoning the known, Abandoning to the unknown -

have regularly talk to you about the unknown, the last weeks made me think about it in various ways.

Call In and Call out, building on the inside and the outside gave me the opportunity to work on two new project. The first one is organized by Severin Guelpa swiss artist who invited me to join a crew of artists, architects and sociologists to work on his ethical, human, ecologist and artistic project : Matza. During two weeks we will talk, elaborate, create in the Tunisian Kerkennah Island with the fishermans on the theme of water. The result will be exhibited in the National Bardo Museum in Tunis.
The second project is, at the invitation of the Meyrin Fond d’art contemporain, and thanks to Joseph Farine, an exhibition in the Jardin Alpin, about “Nests, burrows and other shelters”.

Call In | Invitation -

Those creations that were born within me will come to you starting Friday to celebrate our spring.

Around a glass and wood cocoon, created in parteneship with Andrew Erdos, my Corning Museum of Glass’s partner , you are invited in a journey in the time. Futur projected symbolised by the videos”renommée”.  Past, the fragmented memory, giving evidences of our previous sloughs, in decomposed and fragmented books.


Yama – 9 – Renewal -

The world is a whole, it is reflected within us and mirrors back what inhabits us, the light and the shadows. It has, once more, shown our dark sides. Because we have a choice, I have decided to live in a world of love and confidence.

So I will be again in Israel, April 4th, 5th and 6th, to conclude this wonderful Yama project. I will catch part of what I retain. In this choregraphy about time passing, I will, from the final, reinterpret the moral and catch it in videos. At each edgy moment of our lifes, we slough, ready for all the abandonment and all the springs. Is those pivotal times, as caterpillars in mutation, are our cocons our shrouds or our chrysalids ?


Yama – 8 – The real -

I wondered what I should be sharing with you, for this last email about Yama.

Should I tell you the premiere, the success, the enthusiasm and the anxieties, the full house, the emotion, mine and the spectator’s, the flowers on stage, the confrontation between the real and the dreamt.


Yama – 7 – Devenir Spectateur -

When the lights came back, I didn’t want to leave. During four days I had been one with the theater, the setting and the dance. The dark and velvety black, the warm and moving lights lined my nest.At the end of the fours rehearsal days on stage, where Noa and Rina built scenes, associated lights, adjusted transitions, edited, cut, and reorganized the play, a sort of truth came out, whose magic we will see on stage from February 4th.The task seemed, at first, insurmountable, the setting was a monster to be tamed, to make it dance with the stage, the lights, the dancers. Rina and Noa were following a thread I didn’t always saw, novice as I am. More…

Yama 5 – May our lights reawaken -

Right before the end of the pagan year, I returned to Israel, on the path of what is to be. We went back on stage. Since the end of November, the cubes have been built, their dresses were missing, we have invented some, for the stage to inform us. The tribal and dark costumes underline this life moment the dancers are about to perform. It is not yet fixed.

The Christian year, bloodily started and ended, will not dictate the mood of the piece. At night, the stars are awake. More…

Yama – 4 – What is possible -

I come back from Israel where we had our first rehearsal on stage. For the sake of the show’s magic, I won’t tell you (yet) the world we are building, but I will share the magic of creation. How an idea, a drawing, combined intuitions and a lot of trust, led us.
I won’t come back to the doubts, only on the infinite guiding little voices. The fleeting images emerging from long conversations with Noa and her sister and co-choregraph, Rina, the pages of my notebook recording their translation in ideas. Those pages we turn back when the ideas come back again and again without being eliminated. Last week when I arrived at the village, all the settings I had imagined where still considered, everything was possible, nothing certain. More…

Yama – 3 – From doubts to creation -

In my last post I have left you, I know, in doubt. You wondered about my spirit, sure that the story I was telling could only have a happy ending. You were wrong and you were right.
Wrong because, as I was writing to you, I had already recognized on my way all those people, those hands, I usually don’t see, don’t grab, fearing to lose myself. This very new path, the staging one, is the collaboration and a sharing one. Being helped is no more to disappear. Muriel, Alexi, JeanF, Cathy, Tisa, Camille and all these who since months lent me their knowledge, their words, their time, and all of you who give me back your love, are making of this project a story of life and wisdom. As I was writing to you last time, doubt had already created in me new welcoming spaces. More…

Yama – 2 – Tensions and abandonment -

I left, vaillant and flickering, warrior and anxious, full of who I think I am (an artist), empty of what I can. After a summer of paralyzing doubts, where each idea smashed against the wall of possibles, I finally presented to Noa a project we were working on. Made out of moving red gauzes, I was coming to Israel to confront the project to the stage and and the danse reality.

It was a destination of abandon. Abandon from the known and abandon to the unknown. The gauzes haven’t subjugated the stage, their layers giving complexity to what was supposed to be simplified. Rina, Noa’s choreographic interpreter and sister, was asking me to create a frame for the dancers. I didn’t understand. More…

Yama – 1 – Seeding utopias -

Here I am again, full of this silent summer months boiling, ready for the harvest and sharing. The spring seedings have germinated. I am about to go back on the dancing soils. Noa have asked me to create the setting of her new piece : Yama.It is about symbolic waters : feminine and masculine, all matters that question me since a long time. However this request put me out of focus. Unreadable and indelible lines, has been written within me, splitting the times, where I thought I was and where I am going, what I believe of who I am, unable to catch the before and the after, the top and the bottom, the real and the rest. More…