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C’est comme ça que je me rappelle de toi, heureuse a la montagne, nous venions d’avoir un de nos nombreux fous rires apres nos premiers essais en ski de fond. Bientôt 30 ans que je ne t’ai pas souhaite bonne fête autrement que dans mon coeur où tu habites. #lesmamanssonteternelles #bonnefetemaman

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Les algorithmes de @instagram nous protègent contre les fakenews !!!! La puissance de l’art insoupçonnée !(Une oeuvre pour se representer la difficulte du confinement ramenée a sa seule matérialité, le collage digital assume pour annoncer un concours. @instagram algorithmes protect is from fakenews. !!! Art is so powerfull !(A beautiful picture by @trystane representing the challenges of confinment reduced to its making, a digital collage , as the caption mention to announce a contest.)#factcheckingart #makeart

Words -

Worlds, when not gathered in poems, are useless. It is not that I haven’t thought, shaped or draws words, but they haven’t gone from my senses to my heart, neither from my mind to my soul and then, weren’t worth to be shared.

The time, I thought, was making a mockery of the spiritual, with abuse of use and manipulation. I put all my words away until they regenerate.

Above all, I was rebuilding, literally and figuratively, my childhood cave: My imagination shelter, where it materializes in a silence, innocent of the world rumors and History. The lair of withdrawal, but also of encounters and inner journey that continue in reality, I, consequently, traveled. From those multiples retreat, I have sent you virtual and silent postcards, to be sure I wasn’t forgetting you and was not forgotten either. More…